Gardening and a YOP Update

This pretty yellow flowering shrub is not Forsythia! I thought it was, but I was told it’s Spice Bush, a native understory shrub, Lindera benzoin. (Someone commented on my Instagram photo and corrected me, thankfully.) We do seem to have a Forsythia on the other side of our property, though. Once everything is in full bloom I’ll do some pruning and take a photo so we can compare them.

This may not look like much, but I spent several hours digging up the weeds in the garden so I could plant the peas and cabbage and kale. Unfortunately, there’s a layer of clay under the top soil, and we haven’t had any new garden soil delivered yet. So even though I went ahead and planted them, we may not have any peas, cabbage, and kale this year. I’m really proud of myself for digging this up on my own and I only had a little help from Bob, who worked for 10-15 minutes to dig up a huge root system of some old ground cover. It looked like tree roots, it was so big! He broke the pitchfork handle trying to wrest it from its iron tentacle grip. Once he got it up, he shouted at it, “I beat you, you ol’ stump!” Which is a reference to my favorite scene in “Drag Me to Hell.” I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

Fiber Art

I felted a new piece today. This is a peek at some unfelted fiber since I’m not showing the work until the show starts.


When I started getting excited about knitting again, in 2018 I went to A Wool Gathering with my friend Sara. While we were there I picked up two hanks of this linen and cotton slubby yarn with the intention of making a simple drapey top to throw over tank tops in the summer. I finally cast on yesterday. I’m counting this toward design since I knit a gauge swatch, calculated the width I want, and cast on the number of stitches — even though it’s literally two squares of stockinette seamed at the sides and shoulders. The most basic design ever. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Other than that, I’m knitting away on Water and my Malabrigo Rikke hat.


I don’t have any new sewing to show, but I’ve got Water KAL bags to make and I want to cut out my overalls this week.

This has been a Year of Projects Update. You can read my updated list here. You can find out more about the group here.

Yesterday we met one of our neighbors. He mentioned our lot might have been a cemetery at one time? Which explains the limestone pillars. It’s just a rumor, but hopefully we won’t dig up any old bones! No, our house isn’t haunted. I also got bitten by one of his dogs. This was not his fault, as she was on a leash and I stupidly reached down to pet her. His other dog, though, a bulldog named Hammy, was off leash but friendly and adorable. Have you ever been bitten by a dog? It was my first time. I have a small tooth shaped hole in my arm. I will be more cautious about dogs now!

20 thoughts on “Gardening and a YOP Update

    1. I haven’t smelled it, but Wikipedia says, “The leaves, along with the stems are very aromatic when crushed with a spicy, citrusy smell, hence the common names and the specific epithet benzoin.”


  1. I really like that slubby yarn. It will make a perfect top over tanks. That is quite a large area you dug up for your garden. Hopefully your garden will grow well for you, even without any new top soil.

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  2. Designs don’t need to be complicated to be original!

    Garden looks good, despite not having new soil. Perhaps what is “leftover” from previous years will be sufficient. I hope your veggies aren’t too picky.

    Your “before” felting looks reminiscent of a landscape. I’m not trying to spoil the show reveal, but I’m pretty certain the after will be quite magical!

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  3. Look at all that you dug up! I would have been exhausted! You go, girl! I love that blue yarn you’re knitting…..gorgeous color. It looks like a great design from here! Good luck with the garden. I’m in the process now too but in containers, as we have too many critters here. Best of luck with your show!

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  4. lol. I chuckled at your post because whenever I see a yellow flower on a bush I call in forsythia. I just recently learned that the flowers on the side of my house is winter jasmine! Yes I have been bit by a dog – years ago – on the back on the calf – by a mother dog that was suppose to be chained. I went into the yard to feed the birds inside the house while the owners were on holidays. She leapt up and charged me and got me as I tried to run out of the yard. It was scary. A vet had to come and tranquilise her to get her confined once again. All very exciting. And an event that makes me very respectful of dogs and their spaces. b

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  5. Bitten once, by a dog who took exception to my riding past on a bicycle – didn’t break skin, but did leave a scar!
    I love the color/texture of the blue yarn.
    I’d say there’s a good chance that at least the peas will be happy, and probably the kale. I know less about cabbage; I’ve never grown it.
    And I really look forward to seeing the completed felting.

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  6. Love that slubby yarn and the color is gorgeous. Your felting project also has terrific colors. Can’t wait to see the finished design. Good luck with your garden. Here in Ohio the soil is clay which leads to very poor gardening results. Hubby insists on trying but I refuse, Plus we always seem to go away during prime watering time so what’s the point. The plant die while we are gone.

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  7. As long as they don’t get too wet and the clay caps, I bet you get some veggies! We had very clayey soil before we brought in the dump truck of compost, but we had some decent gardens as long as the weather cooperated, even before we amended the soil.

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  8. The fibres you have laid out look gorgeous, was this image taken from a memory or photo of your time in Africa I wonder? Not sure why it conjures up that thought. Well done on all that digging, if your first batch if seeds don’t work you can always plant more in April or May, you have the summer temps to cope with late planting I’m sure. I’m sure it’ll be fine though.

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