Garden Obsessions

My summer seedlings are starting to grow. They are quite happy in the sunny window, but I’m thinking I will have to put them in bigger pots before setting them out in May. They are getting big fast!

We are still waiting on our gravel and soil. Hopefully that will be delivered in a couple of weeks. Even if I don’t get peas this year, I can plant more pea seeds and eat the shoots. I learned that while watching my new favorite show, “Edible Garden”. I’m watching on BritBox, but it looks like you can watch the full series on this site. Also, she has a book! I’m totally getting the book.

In the meantime, I’m digging up daffodils and separating and replanting the bulbs around. Bob has finished pruning the apple trees. And I’ve been foraging wild spring onions in the woods. I’d like to plant some native wildflowers in our woods, but we have so many walnuts, they discourage other plants from growing. So that’s something to figure out.

I’m so excited for our garden! Now I’m thinking I should plant potatoes and leeks if there is room!

10 thoughts on “Garden Obsessions

  1. Sounds great, I usually plant peas every 3 weeks so you get a good supply. Potatoes I usually do in a bag as they are little buggers at ever-growing when you think you’ve picked them all. We have done another 2 raised beds today and are totally exhausted. Must be good exercise for us.

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  2. So cool! I have a friend who bought a starter kit and she bought these inexpensive grow lights for them. She’s having a contractor build a standing garden holder but it will be encased like a…I don’t know how to describe it…like a chest but the sides are of mesh within a wooden frame to protect the plants from wild animals.

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