Dirt and Mud

Bob and I worked in the garden all weekend. On Saturday, Bob moved 1 cubic yard of gravel while I turned over (more of) the soil to try to level it out. The gravel went over the drainage pipe after Bob added more drainage holes, so hopefully we’ll have good drainage and not too much erosion.

Today, Sunday, we moved 4 cubic yards of garden soil. We moved it in a wheelbarrow. We dragged it on a tarp. We moved it one bucket at a time. We finally started moving it in the back of the car. We live on a hill, so using the car as a wheelbarrow was tricky. Even Freya helped. We have 1 more cubic yard of soil to move. We need it on the ends. But it’s raining and we’re exhausted.

I built up a snake pathway with the clay subsoil, and am placing rocks on the clay bank. We still have some clay soil along the back wall, with just a couple of inches of topsoil. So I will plant herbs and flowers back there that don’t mind the clay.

I planted peas again. I put the kale and cabbage and lettuce in the ground. Everything else can wait until we finish the soil. It’s not completely level but hopefully that will be okay as it’s close.

My wool and nettle beanie was perfect today.
I’m looking forward to my garden!

We got our second Pfizer vaccines on Thursday. I felt so bad I only worked half days on Thursday and Friday. I have a rash and swelling around the injection site. Is that a reaction I should report?

I did get about a half an hour sewing time on my overalls on Saturday.

Now I want some comfort knitting. For me that means wool and stockinette in the round or garter stitch flat. It also means I need to cast on something new.

What’s your comfort knitting go to?

16 thoughts on “Dirt and Mud

  1. Sounds like you got your workout this weekend! Hope you feel you’ve earned your comfort food of choice, not just comfort knitting! The garden is looking great. And I like your snake. May it feed you well for years to come –

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  2. Moving soil is major work! It’s an investment though and you’ll reap many years benefit from it:)
    Yes. Report your reaction. According to a Harvard study only 1% of of reactions are reported. Also tell your doctor. Commonly a rash that is an allergic reaction will be worse each time you are exposed to whatever gave you the rash. I had it happen with an antibiotic and ended up needing steroids to stop the reaction.

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  3. WOW!!!!!!! You two must be exhausted…..love all your touques! Take a well deserved rest! We are booked for the 20th for our 1st injections….

    Love you……M&P

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  4. You two are undertaking a monumental task. It helps to think about the reward you will get in a beautiful and productive garden down the road. I have sworn off major garden renovations because I find it too exhausting.
    I think you should report your reaction. Every bit of data helps the researchers improve their science and provide more accurate warnings on side-effects.

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  5. Moving dirt, even the best kind, is exhausting! We have clayey soil too, and having compost on top is so critical, or it actually crusts and nothing will grow, or the seeds wash away. It you can get some straw or alfalfa bales for top dressing it will help keep the moisture in, if that’s an issue. It can stay on all year, and helps to build up more topsoil over the clay.
    Your garden is looking wonderful! So much progress this year, it will be worth the effort!

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  6. Wow – you guys did a LOT of work! That sounds just exhausting, but it will be worth it when your garden is lovely and productive this summer 🙂 One of my coworkers also had a rash around her injection site after the second injection. Sorry it hit you so hard, but hope you are feeling better now. And you are immunized! I don’t really know what my comfort knitting is – that’s a great question!

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