Virtual Travel and a YOP Update

I’ve started signing up for virtual travel events. I guess cabin fever is finally getting to me. Last night I attended a Barn Chat with Wing and a Prayer Farm that featured Gudrun Johnson and MJ Mucklestone sharing information on their knitting trips to Shetland. I missed this at Knit City Virtual, so was glad to get a second chance.

Today I attended a Spring Skye Woolly Meander. This was a warm and welcoming group that gathered for a virtual trip of the Isle of Skye. I was very unsocial, which I felt bad about, but I didn’t expect to be on camera as I was still in my pjs! But it was a beautiful event and Bob and I are looking forward to visiting Scotland in real life someday. I also learned about Shilasdair Yarns, so that’s on my yarn wishlist now.

Speaking of yarn, I purchased new yarn from Wing and a Prayer Farm for my Vintersoll (Rav link). My gauge swatch worked out. This yarn is a treat to knit with. It’s called Thelma and Louise and is naturally dyed and toothy but soft. I can’t wait to cast on. I love this golden color called Dawn achieved with onion skins and madder root,which will be the main color of the sweater.

But first I want to finish my Anker’s Summer Shirt (Rav link) in Blacker Lyonesse, which is also a very nice yarn to work with in wool and linen. The color is Serpentine.

I finished knitting my Water shawl (Rav link). It’s a lovely pattern and an enjoyable knit once you get the rhythm of it. Yarn is Quince and Co Finch in Bird’s Egg.

Gardening news: the peas are up!

16 thoughts on “Virtual Travel and a YOP Update

  1. Wow – you have a lot going on! Love your new yarns and projects! Vintersoll will look great in those colors. I love that the yarn is called Thelma and Louise, so I followed the link, and I love even more that it’s names after two of their goats 🙂

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  2. Virtual travel does sound good! I love all the yarns you are using. Your Water shawl looks very complicated but beautiful. Looking at the lovely items you are creating makes me want to increase my skill in knitting. Beautiful projects! Congrats on the peas!!!

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  3. WOW! I love all the sweater yarns you have, I am always on the hunt for soft, but still toothy, yarns. I can’t wait to see them.

    Your shawl is SOOOOO pretty! I love the little wave within wave motif it has going 🙂

    I have thought of doing some virtual travel, but never follow through. I might use it in the future as a trip planning tool.

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  4. Wow. Your water shawl turned out great!! That Black Lyonesse does look gorgeous. What an interesting idea – virtual travel. I think I would enjoy that too. I actually hate to travel – the packing, the stress of flying somewhere, the schedule. Yuck. Virtual travel sounds much better to me.

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  5. Oh my gosh! Your peas look great, but pale in comparison to your wonderful water. I’ve always wanted to try Wing and a Prayer Yarn, and after your description it is moving higher up my yarns to try list.

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  6. What a lovely post, Alyssa! Your knitting is beautiful as always…that purplish yarn is so yummy, and the peas!! I am going out tomorrow morning to try one last time. I think that the pease we kept are not good…I may have to try germinating them in the house and then plant them.

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  7. Your water shawl turned out gorgeous! 😍 Virtual travel sounds so much better than IRL travel, lol… Hope you enjoy your gardening, and have fun knitting with the new yarn – it looks so fluffy and yummy!

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