Sewing Follow Up

I did not cast on any new knitting today, but I did sew myself a new dress.

Pattern is Raglan Dress by The Avid Seamstress. Fabric is Kaufman Manchester Yarn Dyed Shirting in Royal. I made this dress for $25. I’m not known for my frugality, but I’m pleased with that. And it has pockets!

This is my favorite pattern to sew right now. I think I’ll sew some summer PJs next, and finish some linen shorts that I cut out a couple of years ago.

19 thoughts on “Sewing Follow Up

  1. Absolutely adorable and love the colour~! Wish I lived next door to you……love pop-overs with pockets!!!!That would also make nice, light nightwear!

    Have a great day! Anyone coming over?


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    1. Happy Mother’s Day! Harald and Henry are coming for a visit. Freya is here. This dress has a zipper up the back so not sure I would want to sleep in it. It would be great if we were neighbors! I hope you have a great day. Love you!


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