Cast On Thursday: Gauge Trouble

Yesterday, I knit two swatches in hopes of being able to cast on a cardigan. I need more cardigans in my wardrobe, but I keep casting on pullovers.

Frangipani Sport: 5.55 stitches per inch on size 4 needles
Rauma Fingering: 5.65 stitches per inch on size 3 needles

Frustratingly, my gauge was similar with different yarns and different needles, and not close enough to cast on either cardigan pattern. Boo. (I may throw caution to the wind and cast one on, anyway. If it’s a little big, that may work out okay. Right?)

Instead, I cast on my Hansel Hap with the Ramsay Farms Shetland. This pattern is fingering weight yarn knit on a size 8 needle. I’m hoping it’s supposed to be a very loose gauge, but I’m worried it’s too loose. It’s a shawl, though, so I’ll try to relax.

14 thoughts on “Cast On Thursday: Gauge Trouble

  1. All those samples look fabulous. I usually knit shawls in 4 ply (fingering) on a size 4mm needle (not sure how that converts to American!) and it works well. Another size up would just make it even lighter and drapier. If something is going to come up big, and you’re happy with that, then just do it! In my head at least, gauge samples are only a little bit to match the pattern, and mostly to see how the yarn will knit up, and then you can decide what size to knit. If you see what I mean.

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  2. What gauge were you aiming for? On both swatches, it looks like it wouldn’t hurt to go up a needle size; they both look very dense. But what do I know – I certainly can’t feel them from here! And maybe you prefer a more structured feel. That being said, I’ve now cast on the current sweater for the third time, even after knitting a large swatch in pattern. The first try was clearly too small. The second was clearly too large! I’m hoping try #3 will be just right.

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  3. I have only knit one cardigan and it is one of my most favorite sweaters. It does not have a button band or anything like that, but the construction was unique and fun. I am definitely due for another one for my wardrobe but I gravitate to pullovers as well.

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