Alissa’s Brag Book: A YOP Update

When I was little, my Grandmother had a photo album with “Grandma’s Brag Book” written on the cover. It was for photos of her grandkids, of course. Sometimes I feel like my blog is my version of the brag book, but for things I make. I would be posting pics of our kids, but most of them don’t like that. I have to ask for explicit permission including where it will be posted. I should draft some release forms for them to sign. 😘


I’m very excited about my hand dyed Cormo lace yarn. It’s still damp, but I can’t wait to cake it up and swatch.


I made a summer top from this fabric that’s been in my stash for a few years. The pattern silhouette is nice, but it calls for bias tape. Not my favorite way to go. Maybe I can make facings next time.

I cut out my next overalls in this amazing linen fabric with yarn balls all over it! You can’t tell, but the copper ones are metallic.


It’s been a long time since I’ve grown Borage.
My winter squash is still alive.
English Peas!
We’ll have zucchini soon!
My flax garden is super lush.

This has been a Year of Projects Update. You can read my updated list here. You can find out more about the group here.

29 thoughts on “Alissa’s Brag Book: A YOP Update

  1. Your post is jam packed with good stuff! I love your yarn and the fabric for your overalls. Your garden looks fantastic.
    My grandmother had the same book with photos of my cousin and I, her only grandchildren. She carried it in her purse and used to show us off to everyone:)

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  2. Consider it inspirational literature, not bragging! The yarn is gorgeous, and I’d be interested in more details – what dye? on what yarn? planned for? And I can hardly wait to see photos of the flax in bloom! It might even go well with that yarn…

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  3. So many brag worthy things!!
    I love the tank, and I also have that fabric! We purchased it to cover some sound panels in the basement! (And there is leftover yardage I’ve been using up on little projects)

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  4. Your garden veg looks great. Sparrows have munched more than half my pea shoots boo hoo. I’ve put netting up now. Your yarn really is such a beautiful tonal colour, its going to be fabulous knit up. I still can’t get over the linen fabric…I wish we had a fabric shop nearby.

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  5. That is my favorite color blue. You are funny but respectful of your grown kids!
    Our garden is thirsty and I keep watering it. I have been watering for a neighbor too. They only water annuals and they only water every two days. I have to say their perennials look fine!

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  6. The yarn color is soooooo pretty. I love how it shines in the sunlight. What did you use as dye? I don’t think I have ever seen a flax plant before and I never would have guessed it was feathery.

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  7. Your yarn turned out beautiful! I have yarn to dye and I have saved all kinds of avocado pits, skins, and onion skins. I need to just “do it”! LOL! I love that top! Is there a pattern for it? I would love to make some like that. Your fabric is so pretty too.
    I had no idea borage had such beautiful flowers. The deer ate the flowers off of my squash so I am going to have to cover them with some tulle to keep them away. Your garden is lush!


  8. Oh my you had me at purple – that dye is gorgeous! Love the top, and your overall material is fantastic! I don’t think I have ever seen borage but it is so unique. Your garden looks great.

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  9. Your kids sound like my grandkids. They are always weary around me if I have my camera in my hand. Your hand dyed yarn is really pretty. What will it turn into? The bibbed overalls are cute and that materiel is fabulous. They will be so cute. Your garden is growing well. Lots of yummy goodness happening there.

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