Slug It To Me Monday

This post is for Elliot who rightly pointed out there were no pics of slugs on my post on Friday.

15 thoughts on “Slug It To Me Monday

  1. Slugs. The bane of my life. I have organic slug pellets, which they eat then go under the soil to die. Saves collecting the repulsive corpses. I haven’t had to use any for a while now, possibly because I plant stuff they either don’t bother with, or don’t kill/ruin if they do. We have snail families in the sedum spectabile, but they don’t seem to cause any actual harm. A few nibbled leaves, but that is all. I was horrified when they ate all my sweet little primulas one year. That year I used nematode worms to regulate the population, and started putting primulas and anything else they might eat into pots, protected with various things. Copper tape, copper bands, copper-infused mats. Why don’t slugs eat grass, and just save us all a load of bother? Huh?

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  2. The photos are great! Snails and slugs, the bane of many a gardener’s life. I saw some massive ones when I walked the Camino in Spain. We would find them early in the morning when still cool, some being 7 inches or more, and fat! They are not one of my favorite creatures, but I do find them intriguing.

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