Wednesday WIPs

I’ve finished Clue 1 on my mystery knit along. I love how this yarn sometimes looks blue, sometimes looks purple, sometimes looks gray. I’m really enjoying this knit. Lots of repetitive lacework. Yes, please!

I’ve also finally picked my beads. I love the matte finish, and this color is perfect for this yarn. I think these beads have just enough glimmer to show up.

I also ordered two little glass mermaid beads, and made a stitch marker and a progress keeper to use with my shawl. I’m not very good at beading, but I think I’ve made it work with some zinc coated copper wire and parts from old stitch markers.

I’m ready to turn the heel on Bob’s second Pride sock. Maybe I’ll have a Friday finished object this week?

12 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. Do the beads go at the bottom of a shawl or randomly throughout…or is that a mystery too? I’m really no good at surprises haha. I’m not seeing any added yet so maybe they are just at the bottom. Are you excited or frustrated not to know what’s next? Cute stitch markers and sock yarn.

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  2. This is such a beautiful knit! ❤️ The stitch marker and progress keeper look great, and I love that you’ve used the beads from your shawl so they’re an extra-perfect match for the project!


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