Friday FOs

After complaining that I hadn’t done any sewing last Sunday, I decided to finish up these linen Emerson Shorts. They were cut out. I only had to sew them together. They came out really nice, and they are super comfortable.

I finished up Bob’s Pride socks!

This photo shows the colors better.

I made a “make do” drying rack with netting and a frame, and am drying calendula flowers to steep in oil.

Have you finished any creative projects this week?

My volunteer sunflowers have been taking a beating, thanks to heavy rains and critters knocking them over. So I cut the stems for a bouquet. They look lovely in my raku vase from The Alchemist’s Studio.

14 thoughts on “Friday FOs

  1. The fit on those shorts is fabulous Alissa, they look great on you, as do Bob’s socks on him! We are drying chamomile right now, but I hope we can get it moved soon, it is growing in the cracks in the driveway, instead of where we started it. Time to move it to the garden!

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      1. I have no idea, actually, we got a bunch from a friend, and planted it. It smells just like the chamomile in my Celestial Seasonings tea, but they probably all smell the same, so who knows!

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  2. Haha I read this post the other day but had clicked on the link to the Alchemist raku pottery and fell down a Raku blackhole for a few hours and forgot to tell you how fabulous your shorts look. Very professional and lovely neat pleats at the front.

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