Saturday Harvest

I went into the garden to check on the plants, and found so many cucumbers! I was excited. I made pickles.

Refrigerator Pickles
Canned Pickles

We still have a few fresh for eating, and I’m sure there will be more.

I made a new friend today.

My orchid is still blooming!

May 9
June 26

I never thought I would be able to keep an orchid alive, but this one’s been going since April 2019.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Harvest

  1. That’s a long-lived orchid, Alissa! And your new friend definitely seems to have made themselves at home. 🙂 The cucumbers look great – raw as well as when pickled. (Yum.)

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  2. Boy you got right on to that pickling. I should follow your lead although my neighbour has said she will take on of mine. I think she will be surprised how enormously long it is. What variety are yours they look a more manageable size…although make up for it in quantity.

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  3. Those pickles look great and reminds me of when my grandmother and I would make sun pickles from the cucumbers in her garden. I am not even sure you can get pickle jars that size anymore! I don’t have a garden, but we do eat pickles and when the jar is finished I will peel a cucumber from the store and slice it and put it in the pickling juice. Those orchids look beautiful. I am not great with indoor plants, so you did really well!

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