Garden Update

Twocumbers (I have to give credit to Clara Parkes for that name.)

I cleared all of the cucumber and zucchini plants out of the garden. We couldn’t handle any more cukes or zukes. I’ve got plenty for more pickling, and Bob made a delicious vegan lasagna with zucchini sliced lengthwise instead of noodles.

I transplanted the kale, cabbage, and broccoli seedlings for fall. I hope this net keeps the cabbage moths off. I also transplanted arugula, chard, and Bibb lettuce seedlings.

In other exciting news, we have blackberries! Which are my favorite, even if the brambles jump out and scratch me.

It’s worth it.

8 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. We had lots and lots of blackberries in Upper Port LaTour… them also…..would strain them and make blackberry jelly!

    Take Care……

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  2. Wish you lived here – I’d be happy to help with the excess zuchs! And also cukes. Oh, well –
    (Did you consider donating to your local food pantry, or even having a free box by the side of the road? Too late now, I guess!)

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  3. It’s that time of year for too much cucumber and zucchini production. Our local Co-Op is doing giveaways of freebies, like buy 1, get 2, right now! Blackberries are my favorites too. When I was a kid, I was allowed to take the pony out into the woods above the pasture and pick. He carried the buckets but I think he also ate more than I ever brought home (I contributed to the eating as well). He was smart, as ponies tend to be, to have figured out how to remove the berries without getting his nose scratched much. One of my favorite childhood memories!

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  4. I covered my roses today to keep those ug1y shiny beet1es off them. I need more netting. I forget if these pests stay around unti1 the frost or if they are shorter 1ived. Cmon birds, eat these things.


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