Just the YOP

Fiber Art

I framed my second to last piece! I just need to finish the stitching on the last piece and then frame it, and then I will have all 10 pieces complete!


I’ve started on one sleeve on the Milkshake Cardigan.


I’ve started sewing my yarn ball overalls.


It’s tomato season!

This has been a Year of Projects Update. You can learn more about the group on Ravelry. You can read my updated list of projects here.

22 thoughts on “Just the YOP

  1. Awesome all around! Yay for mounting your gallery piece! Yay for starting the sleeve (set in top down! Nice!!)! Love the yarn ball fabric for your overalls!!
    And I have serious tomato envy; what are you going to do with all your homegrown beauties??

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  2. Liked seeing everything underway – can’t have too many tomatoes, as long as you have the time to deal with them. I had the first two Sungolds for breakfast as I walked out the door past them this morning.

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  3. I love your sweater and I am going to have to look up that pattern. I really like the yarn you’re using for it too. Your overalls are going to be so cute in that material. Congrats on getting your gallery projects finished. Yes, it’s tomato season here too. I don’t have a lot but enough where I need to do something with them. Salsa sounds good!

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  4. The material for you overalls is priceless. Can’t wait to see it sewn up. The milkshake cardi is coming along quite nicely. Looks like it will be done before the end of this month. You have some lovely produce from your garden. Time for salads and tomato sandwiches.

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  5. Congrats on the framing!!!! You are almost there. Love your other fun projects too. It is the start of crazy season in the garden here. We picked beans this weekend and did 36 pints, 2 canner loads.😳

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  6. 😂 🧶 overalls? That will be a fun piece in your wardrobe. I took off last week from sewing. I finished a project. I just need to take pics. It’s been hot so I’m not motivated.


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