TLC Tuesday

Last week was busy at work. We took a trip to Cleveland to visit kids on Friday and Saturday. And then, I had a colonoscopy yesterday. So, I took today off as well to recover from the anesthesia. I don’t want to be making important work decisions with anesthesia brain.

This is my second DIY fall advent bag. I am definitely making these, but I haven’t started on the first project yet! I guess I can always rebag what I don’t get to for next year.

This is the first pair of Halloween PJ pants I’ve sewn plus a new seasonal shirt. I’m going to stay in PJs today. I’ve started calling JoJo “JoJo Binx.”

I worked on my Milkshake Cardigan yesterday as it’s pretty straight forward. Once I finish the second sleeve, just the button band to go! I look forward to wearing this cardigan when the weather turns chilly.

Last night we started watching Chapelwaite. It is so good, and is getting me in the mood for the spooky season! But before I immerse myself in autumn leaves and pumpkins please, I need to can some tomatoes.

16 thoughts on “TLC Tuesday

  1. Your Halloween pants are very sweet! Have you ever been to the Sanderson Witch Museum? Established in 1683 is really saying something! That alone sounds spooky! I will be making your GF zucchini bread tomorrow. Really looking forward to it and luckily I have some toasted pumpkin seeds to add to it! Wishing you all better soon.

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  2. You have a fun kit there, now which one will you choose to start? This one or the first one? I finished the salsa yesterday, we ended up with 40 pints…that should last us 2-3 years. I started canning tomatoes in rotation a couple of years ago. It make life easier not having to deal with sauce, salsa and the miscellaneous at the same time.

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  3. I think those fingerless mitts will look gorgeous in those autumnal colours in that yarn. It’s such a cool idea having this DIY advent. I was wondering whether I should do a similar idea but for holiday cottage stays. We have a cottage booked in September, December and March so maybe I should bag up a caked skein, pattern and needles etc ready! It’s an excuse to practice making some project bags too. Thanks for continuing to inspire us.

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  4. I love your Halloween PJs… super cute. I really need to sew more. The fall color of your yarn is gorgeous! I love Less Traveled Yarn, her yarns are always so lovely and I’m fortunate she’s a local Dyer for me.

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