My Milkshake Cardi Brings the Knitters to the Yard – Friday FO

I finished my Milkshake Cardigan (Rav project link)! Pattern by Joji Locatelli for Madeline Tosh. Yarn is Kelbourne Woolens Scout in Gray Heather. Buttons are natural horn from Lithuania (Etsy link).

My goal was to make a cardigan to replace my favorite thrift store Marks and Spencer lambswool cardigan that started unraveling at the elbows. I definitely succeeded! I will be wearing this over my favorite t-shirts, fall through spring.

In other news, I reorganized my craft room. All the fabric is now in a big tub that used to hold wool fiber. I’ve used up enough on my art that I was able to consolidate that to one tub. Moving the fabric freed up several smaller tubs, so I was able to put all of my yarn stash into tubs by size. I feel much more in control of my stash and projects now.

Have you finished any projects, or done any craft organizing lately? I would love to hear about it.

24 thoughts on “My Milkshake Cardi Brings the Knitters to the Yard – Friday FO

  1. Oh I love your cardigan! It looks so cozy and such a perfect layering piece. No finished projects for me, still working on my Worsted Boxy. I too have been reorganizing my craft room. A lot of stuff has been taken to Goodwill and now everything has a place, which makes me happy.

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  2. Your cardigan is so lovey, that’s a great idea to replace a RTW item with one you’ve made yourself. I know you’ll get lots and lots of use out of it.
    I actually have done some craft organizing lately! I got a little bookcase thing that fits in my closest and so my sewing stuff is in there now. Plus I gave my friends a lot of yarn I was never going to use so now I have a much more manageable looking stash.

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  3. Organization of craft stuff desperately needed; I’ve been too busy knitting with three finished products in the past few weeks, and socks started and one half done. Maybe I’ll feel more inspired as it cools off!

    That’s a great addition to any wardrobe. Is the button spacing tighter toward the top, or does it just look that way? Are the buttons interesting enough to be worth a closeup?

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    1. Well, I measured and button spacing ranges from 1.25 inches to 2 inches. But the buttons align with the buttonholes perfectly, which is probably more important. I don’t know if I miscounted stitches when making the buttonholes or if it’s a blocking issue. Anyway, tralala, will go back to not noticing the imperfections now.


  4. That fits you perfectly, and what a great wardrobe staple! Love it! I have done a bit of organizing this past week, but have two sewing projects on the table, so have a bit to do! I hope to have one of hanging by this afternoon, so I can do some sorting of what’s underneath!

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  5. Your cardigan looks great! Beautifully made and really flattering! Now I kind of want to make one too! Your reorganizing sounds like it was pretty helpful and satisfying. I have to wait for a couple of life things to happen, then I plan to get a bit more organized as well. Nothing as yet though 🙂

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