Nova Scotia Strong: Happy Birthday, Margie!

Happy September, and Happy Birthday to my Mother-In-Law, Margie! By now I hope she has received her gift in the mail. Earlier this year, Margie sent me this photo:

She wondered if I could make one for her. Of course I could! Unfortunately, the yarn was out of stock, and there wasn’t any information about the pattern. I put on my thinking cap and my can-do attitude, and found the yarn dyed-to-order on Etsy, and the pattern on Ravelry!

I finished the hat a couple of weeks ago, and popped it in the post for a birthday surprise. I hope she loves it!

Pattern is The Journey. Yarn is Fleece Artist Nova Scotia Colorway and another skein of Fleece Artist Chinook Natural. Pom Pom is from ThreadHead Knits.

18 thoughts on “Nova Scotia Strong: Happy Birthday, Margie!

  1. I absolutely love it!!!! Thank you for all your hard work! And it arrived the day before my birthday! Thank you so much! Love you…….


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  2. I love that stitch pattern – I’m going to have to make a note of it, and think about where I can use it. If it’s stretchy enough, I can see it for the legs of socks. Or what the heck – even a hat! Although I don’t need more hats, and I do need more socks….

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