Gandalf? A Friday FO Fable

I knit this beautiful lace shawl, a mystery knit along based on folk tales about the selkies. I had an idea to sew a dress to wear with it to my art opening on Saturday. I had lavender linen in my fabric stash. I thought it was meant to be! I chose the Barcelona Dress, as I thought it was classic with a retro feel that I could alter to my figure.

Not horrible, but I clearly forgot the rule about not wearing vintage style when you yourself are a vintage lady. Not my best look, and more importantly, I don’t feel good in it. It’s comfortable, but not flattering on me.

Modeling for these photos in the woods near my house, I started thinking about the magic elven cloaks and Lothlorian leaf pins from Lord of the Rings. After that, I knew there was no way I would ever wear these three items together again. Even though I love the shawl and the shawl pin! And the dress is fine on its own. It might make a nice casual summer dress. Maybe if I wore some shapewear underneath. But no, that would aggravate my GERD.

This was my first dress to cut and sew on the bias, and I learned a lot. I had an idea to make a striped one, but now I know I won’t be able to pull it off. This dress really needs to be fitted to look good. I think I’ll stick with a-line dresses.

You know what I do feel good in? My yarn ball overalls with my Anker’s Summer Shirt underneath. They look great together! And that’s what I’m going to wear to my opening tomorrow. Fin.

21 thoughts on “Gandalf? A Friday FO Fable

  1. I was just thinking how pretty you looked in the photo with it all together, but if you don’t feel comfortable then that’s not the right thing to wear for your opening. I hope the opening goes well and I bet lots of people ask where you got your fabulous yarn ball dungarees 😀

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  2. I think you and the ensemble look great, but if you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it. That shawl is really pretty and you’ve knitted it beautifully. I admit I have fallen in love with your yarn ball dungarees, how fabulous are they? Good luck with the opening!

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  3. Love the colours…..I an a lavender person…..the shawl is so pretty…..also the dress….and the pockets… pockets……don’t be so hard

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  4. Definitely wear whatever makes you feel good! I too thought you looked great in the ensemble, but maybe a different pairing at a different time will yield a happier result.

    I hope you enjoy the art opening!

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  5. First and foremost you look beautiful! Your shawl is gorgeous and now I want to make a new shawl. And I’m in awe you made your dress, something I’m quite envious of. I understand though how you feel, and you definitely need to wear what makes you feel the most comfortable.

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  6. I think the combination looks really lovely. The fine texture of the shawl with the linen is wonderful. The dress pattern isn’t a fail. With a little fitting,I think it would really flatter you, so maybe don’t give up on it yet!

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