Soft: A Year of Projects Update

Fiber Art

My art show reception was last night, and it was wonderful to visit with family and friends who ventured out in support. I sold two pieces, which I’m over the moon about! Here is a gallery of the pieces in the show.

I’m proud I was able to produce this body of work, and was really pleased with the feedback. Many people were surprised to see artwork made from wool. Someone said the work was really comforting, which was my goal. I think we all need a little bit of softness in our lives right now. The gallery’s website is at this link.

In other fiber art news, I experimented with fresh leaf indigo printing, which I shared about yesterday.


I’ve been working on my Point Edwards Mitts, which I am really enjoying. I finished my Cemetery Drive Cowl, which I posted about on Thursday. And I finished a super secret birthday present for my MIL Margie, which I posted on Wednesday. It was a banner week for knitting FOs!

My DIY Fall Advent bag yesterday was the Ixchel Cowl in Farmer’s Daughter Fibers Moon Sisters. I don’t know if you can see the bronze sparkles in this yarn, but it’s beautiful. However, I just finished a colorwork cowl, and I’m not in the mood to start another one. I’ll store this for another time.


I’m currently working on some Pietra Pants in dark blue chambray. I also sewed a dress last week. It was not horrible.

This has been a Year of Projects update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.

33 thoughts on “Soft: A Year of Projects Update

  1. What a fantastic week. So pleased your solo show has got off to a perfect start and people are appreciating and getting a warm feeling from your woolly art work. I’ve downloaded those mittens to knit in my Mulberry coloured yarn, as soon as I’ve finished my sock.

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  2. OMG – didn’t realize you live right up the road from me!! Are you going to attend the Wool Gathering at Young’s Dairy Farm in two weeks?
    Your wool art is beautiful. Congrats on your successful art show!
    I love the yarns for both your mitts and for your fall project. Perfect project bag to make the knitting even more fun.

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  3. Congratulations on the art show. How fantastic to show your work and have others buy pieces – after all of that work it must feel fantastic. And you have managed work on other projects – well done!

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  4. You have had a very full week. Glad you hear your show was a success and even better you sold 2 items! Very encouraging. Your MIL’s hat is striking. I am sure she loved it as well. Infact, all of your items you made last week are very nice.

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  5. Your art is so stunning! I think “Winter Sun” is my favourite, I just love it. I’m so happy for you that your show is a success, and you also sold two pieces.
    Love that hat, what an interesting pattern.

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  6. WOW. Your show pieces are breathtaking. My spouse proclaimed them “really cool”. I’m happy the show was so successful.
    I love the Ixchel Cowl. I’ve seen the sweater version, but the cowl seems like it will be actually FUN to make!

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  7. Congrats on your show – everything looks wonderful and lovely. So glad you were able to share those with a larger public. Hopefully with the show launched that means you’ll have some time for some other personal projects now too. 🙂

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  8. Alyssa, your creations are so clever – I would have loved to have seen and studied them in person. I also enjoyed reading what you wrote about this project, Soft. Congratulations on selling some pieces. I am not surprised. Such unique artwork. On a knitting note, I just love the colors in the yarn you’re knitting the mitts in.

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  9. Wow you’ve had a fabulous week! Congratulations on the show, I particularly like Winter Sun. Your artist profile is a very interesting read, I love the way you explain why you work with wool. I’d never really thought about it before but my two favourite things are wool and books, and they both have an appropriately comforting smell.

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