Saturday Sewing: Piedra Dress

I sewed a dress today! This is Seamwork’s Piedra Dress in There Will Be Cute’s Headless Horseman fabric from Spoonflower. I used the 100% cotton jersey for myself as I prefer the way all natural fibers breathe.

Close up selfie so you can see how cute the fabric is. It was a quick, successful sew. Which is good because I needed a win today.

Next up I will sew a couple of these for Freya in Halloween fabrics she picked out. She wears the same size as me, which is handy.

Have you had any crafting wins lately?

27 thoughts on “Saturday Sewing: Piedra Dress

  1. What a great print. Your sewing is exceptionaI.
    I am hoping to finish socks for my friend’s 3 year oId
    FIreman just said the internationa space station is going to be overhead at 8;02
    so that can be fit in the evening too I guess

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  2. Cute dress! I am still fighting with my trousers, I am taking the waistband off and working on the right hip one more time…I had some good suggestions from some experts, so I am hoping that finally does the trick!

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