Year of Projects: Knitting Round Up

I’ve decided this post will focus on my knitting, since my sewing and fiber art have been moving along nicely.

I’ve been working on my Arrowhead Cardigan in fits and starts for almost a year. This is a product knit for me. I can’t wait to wrap up in this Lettlopi coat in the cold of January. But each charted colorwork row is a different pattern, so there’s no muscle memory and repetition involved. That means I’m not enjoying the process very much. I think I will encourage myself to knit at least two rows every day. I’m trying these skein coats around the yarn to keep it in check.

Speaking of charts, here is the progress photo of my Cozy Autumn Socks (Rav link). Yep, procrastinating on the chart. This chart is more repetitive, though, so I might enjoy the knitting more, if I can break through the wall.

Here’s a plain sock that I am zooming along on. This colorway is called Sleepy Hollow from Fiber Optics and I’m in love with it. Knit knit knit knit knit.

I’ve started a Back Porch Shawl in Autumn colors. The yarn is Weekend Wool from Green Mountain Spinnery in Poppy, Lichen, and Pumpkin. This is a super easy garter stitch shawl, and I’m enjoying it. Good TV knitting.

This is my most recent DIY Autumn Advent project. These are the Jaywalker Socks (Rav link) and the yarn is from Turtlepurl. These would be an easier knit than the Cozy Autumn Socks. Do I have enough socks on the needles? Should I cast these on? Or should I stick to what I’ve started?

There are a few other projects languishing in their project bags. Celtic Myths Shawl is another every row is different cable chart. The Oa is a colorwork hoodie, although the chart is more repetitive so I might enjoy it. The Aurora Borealis Cowl can wait until the holidays. That’s all for items already cast on and in progress. (All links are to my Ravelry project pages.) Edited to add: I forgot to tell you I am at the point on my Hansel Hap where decreasing starts on the center square.

To people who don’t knit regularly, it looks like I churn out finished objects right and left. But in reality, some projects are in progress for months or even years. Then suddenly I finish several within a few weeks.

This has been a Year of Projects update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.

20 thoughts on “Year of Projects: Knitting Round Up

  1. Your yarns are to die for! That new autumn yarn looks irresistible. Have to admit the 4 you have posted would be my maximum stress level so having 3 more already on needles would be driving me crazy. But that’s a mostly monogamous knitter for you. My brain just can’t handle too many projects.

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  2. There are some really lovely colours and work here. That cardigan will look beautiful but I feel your pain in terms of the pattern. I think those Cosy Autumn Socks are going to look great, especially with that yarn. Good call on some nice simple knits though for when you want to relax.

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  3. I’m loving all of your projects but those fall-themed yarn colors are calling to me right now! I think having a mix of techniques throughout your projects helps keep you motivated to at least pick up and knit a round/row every so often on them and move forward. Enjoy!

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  4. Such gorgeous projects and yarns. I love the links but then I want to start them all and buy all the gorgeous yarns! I haven’t indulged in any fall yarns yet. Yours are so pretty. I love the shawl and what a reasonable price for the kit….I am so tempted but then I’d like to pick my own colors.
    You have the best preojects….I want to do them all!

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  5. Seeing all this yummy yarn makes me want to cast on one of everything! I just finished my mohair cardigan last night, but have ornaments to knit, so I will have to be content with that and hand quilting for now. 🙂

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  6. I fell down a hyperlink black hole the other day when I read your post and have just remembered to come back to comment. You have so many things on the go, sounds like the simple socks will be done very soon so if you have the needles then cast on the others. I love the colours of your shawl and had a nosey the other day of the colours others had used, yours is going to be perfect for cool autumn days.

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  7. I am with you about not always enjoying project that I need to pay attention for EVERY STITCH.
    The color you have chosen for the Cozy Autumn socks is stunning!! I am in love with it.

    And seriously, you have ALL the ADORABLE accessories!

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  8. These all look great! I can’t decide which of your socks I love more. (But personally, I would wait before casting on a new sock—or at least, I would attempt to wait. My preference is to only have one pair of socks on the needles at a time, or else none of them ever seem to get finished.)


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