The Gift to Myself that I Keep on Giving

This year, I purchased an advent chest. Today, I spent a couple of hours winding the small cakes of yarn that I had left over from my yarn advent last year. I put 13 mini-skeins of yarn in the odd drawers. The even drawers have a chocolate. I also have one seasonal stitch marker in the first drawer, and I have a pin on the way for another drawer. Yes, some of the drawers have more than one thing in them.

My plan is to knit a mitten ornament with each mini-skein in December, and then on the 24th make the icord to hang them on for a garland. 12 mittens! 12 days of Yuletide!

I also did purchase a yarn advent this year from Lizzie Bird Yarns. It’s a little smaller than the one I purchased last year, which is a good thing.

Do you have any special holiday knits in the works? I am knitting a few gifts, but I’ll blog about those another time.

17 thoughts on “The Gift to Myself that I Keep on Giving

  1. That advent chest is really neat! I’ve considered yarn (or fountain pen ink) advent calendars for myself in the past, but haven’t been sure I’d like the contents enough to actually buy them. This is one way to know you’ll like it all! 🙂

    I have 2 gifts in progress right now, and though I had several others planned, I don’t want to make them at the moment, so I think they will get put out to 2022 (assuming I feel like doing them next year… and if not, they come out of the queue entirely).

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