Jogging On: the Dressing Ritual

Working from home during a pandemic pretty much has me wanting to wear PJ pants all the time. And yes, I could do that. But the mental preparation for daily work requires and involves the dressing ritual.

Mah GERD also requires nothing snug to be worn around my mid-section. Even leggings that are loose in the legs and butt squeeze my gut until I’m in so much pain I have to change into a tent. They just don’t make pants that fit my old apple body! This is why I’ve made the transition to dresses and overalls, but come on! I don’t want to wear dresses and overalls every day of my life! They’re fussy!

My PJ pants work for me because I make them to fit my body. Then one day I realized, you know what? I can make work PJ pants! I’ll make PJ pants in nice fabric! Then I realized I wouldn’t feel dressed enough, and decided to level up to some work sweatpants. I purchased the Plateau Joggers pattern from Sew to Speak, along with some nice French terry fabric. I’ve also purchased some merino interlock yardage in black, because wool + I’m cold all the time.

On the health front: I may have a small hiatal hernia. It runs in my family. And when I can’t manage my stress, I throw up. So, I need to wear loose pants, eat small portions, and manage my stress. And drink lots and lots of water. These are my instructions for wellness.

Also, I’m hoping that work joggers will make it more plausible for me to exercise during the day. I can be at work in my home office, sitting at my desk in my nice work joggers. When I find that I am at a good pausing point, I can take a walk down my road. Yes, sometimes I need to be dressed for the thing or I don’t want to do the thing. The Dressing Ritual.

What about you? Do you need a dressing ritual to get you motivated to do your thing?

15 thoughts on “Jogging On: the Dressing Ritual

  1. As someone who has an abdominal hernia…..I know exactly what you are saying. Good for you….sew whatever you are comfortable in……if I am not going out….I am mostly in PJ’s…..


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  2. I hear you on all of this Alissa! You go girl! I am all for getting comfortable. Especially at the waist. I have some pajamas that have doubled over ribbed fabric at the waist – which are my favorite. Perhaps that would be an inspiration for making more comfortable work pants?

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  3. I have “house” clothes and “going out” clothes. Going out means to a medical appointment, usually, and I definitely don’t go out of the house in the “house” clothes. Maybe the garden, fleetingly . . . but either way, I never, ever wear anything uncomfortable.

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  4. I tried the ritual of getting dressed for from-home work initially, but that didn’t really go so well, since our work itself started going out of boundaries and began consuming most of the day. 😐 Now that I’ve gone back to my PJs, I can make use of the breaks between work to do crafty stuff without worrying about getting my ‘nice’ clothes dirty. 😉


  5. I can’t wait to see your work joggers! That is a great idea! I mostly wear dresses or skirts and tops to work, as I find pants uncomfortable and not that flattering. But joggers/sweat pants out of nicer fabric is definitely a great compromise!


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