Thursday Three: New for Me


I have borrowed and purchased many books this year, but reading them has been a struggle. Recently, Liz recommended “Making a Life: Working by Hand and Discovering the Life You Are Meant to Live” by Melanie Falick.

My heart needed this book. It answers my questions about why humans need to make things by hand, and it feeds my soul. It’s a beautiful, large, hardback, coffee table book. But it’s not sitting on my coffee table. It’s on my nightstand, waiting for me to read a chapter every night before bed. I feel like I’m opening a family bible or an old dictionary, the way I used to when I was a child — in wonder and awe and reverence.

Polymer Clay

I decided to try something new! This is my first attempt at polymer clay. I had an “idea” (pumpkin pie with a yarn ball of whipped cream) so I bought a book, some clay, and some tools. I would say that, as a first attempt, it’s okay, and I’m happy with that. It’s a lot harder than it looks, and I probably won’t be doing much of it. It makes my hands messy and I don’t like the way it feels on my skin.

Coopworth Fleece Roving – I wish you could smell it. It smells delicious!


I purchased a spinning wheel! I had a spinning wheel way back in the day. It was one of the many things that I had to sell off during the migration of 2010 (aka The Great Upheaval). I was never a very good spinner, but I enjoyed it. I think with practice I could become a mediocre spinner, and I would feel good about that. I have a Coopworth fleece that is ready to spin into a sweater quantity of yarn, although I will probably practice on some Shetland first.

Letting Go

I’ve also decided to let go of some things. I’ve decided to let the podcast go. I realized it would take more time, money, and energy than I have to really make it work. I’m letting go of art shows. If I want to make art I will, but I don’t want anymore deadlines. Art shows also require an investment of money, time, and energy that I don’t have at the moment. I’m letting go of some subscriptions that are no longer bringing me joy.

What about you? Have you tried anything new lately? Or are you letting anything go?

12 thoughts on “Thursday Three: New for Me

  1. That book sounds excellent – adding it to the TBR list! Do you feel like maybe the last year has had people reassessing things in their lives at a bigger level picture? I, too, have let go of a few things this year that just weren’t going to work for me moving forward – hard decisions but the right ones I think.

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  2. Awesome post Alissa and I will definitely have to check out Melanie’s book. I think last year made a huge impact on me and I realized what was really important to me, and what I truly found joyful. I have let go of many things, like you subscriptions was a big thing to let go of and I still need to let go of a few more things. I am finding as I get older that I just want simplicity and to lead a quiet life. Love your stitch marker 😍

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  3. You are making some very wise moves! Life gives us endless new things to try and it takes a while to find the control knobs. I think you are doing that. It’s okay to set things aside when you have lost your interest or motivation. Nothing says you can’t come back to something, should you find the appetite for it again. You are extremely productive Alissa, as well as very brave to share it all with us! It’s okay to snuggle up in your wonderful back porch shawl and enjoy it for a while before jumping on to the next thing, whatever that may be.

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  4. It’s always a real gift to find a book that really speaks to you and gives you something you have been needing 🙂 Your pumpkin pie piece is just adorable! Also, YAY for your new spinning wheel! You are going to be an awesome spinner – you’ll see 🙂

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  5. My friend who recommended that book to me has also just been letting go of some things and feeling good about it. I really must get her reading your blog, you’ve so many things in common it’s amazing. I’m glad you are enjoying it and I think your little pie looks fabulous. I found Fimo a faff and too intricate. I haven’t really let anything go at the moment although I’m thinking of destashing my cotton fibre supplies as I won’t spin it.

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  6. Fun stuff going on with you. I think your pie stitch marker is adorbs! I am getting a spinning wheel from a friend of a friend. We don’t know what condition it will be in or if it needs work, but I am excited to have something to play with.

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