It’s Beginning to YOP a Lot Like Christmas

I haven’t posted for Year of Projects (YOP) in a few weeks. I haven’t really been focused on crafting. But I did update my list today.


I added this cowl, which is the Marled Alaska Cowl (Ravelry link) in Moondrake’s Soft Shawl, colorways Driftwood and Zombie held together. I should be able to finish this up this week.

I had to frog my Stash Aurealis. After I got through the short rows and increases for the yoke, my stitch count was wrong. At first I was going to fudge it, then I realized that would be silly as it is a very small bit of knitting that I can certainly reknit quickly once my head is in the right place. So that project will be disappeared back into the yarn tubs for now.

I removed some projects from my list that I can’t see myself making anytime soon.


I added my Plateau Joggers, which are now cut out and ready to sew.

Today I will make some Canada, Eh? flannel PJ pants for Bob. He has requested pockets, so I hope the pocket pattern from one of my dresses will do as a template.


M’lady Bug

I added spinning to my list. My goals this year are modest. 1. Relearn to spin 2. Improve my spinning.

Listening to Music Intentionally

I removed this from my list. I’ve been enjoying indie folk playlists on YouTube that are themed by season or mood. It’s like hygge Muzak and is really the opposite of listening to music intentionally. But it’s nice background music and helps calm my nervous system.

We had snow flurries yesterday and the holidays are right around the corner! I’ve finished my shopping. It was easy as everyone is getting a Fair Trade Subscription. It feels good going into the season without many have-to-dos. I’m going to bake Rosemary Shortbread Stars today.

This has been a Year of Projects update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.

21 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to YOP a Lot Like Christmas

  1. That cowl looks super cosy and I’m really looking forward to seeing your finished Canada, Eh? PJs, they look like they’d be great for slow days around the house. I hope you enjoy getting back into spinning.

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  2. Love the yarns you chose for your cowl. It will be terrific. Your Christmas cactus looks amazing. Much healthier than mine. I’m not sure mine has bloomed in the last few years. Have fun with your spinning. So far I’ve managed to avoid the spinning and weaving hobbies but I know better than to say never.

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  3. You’ve been busy. I am looking forward to hearing about your spinning. I’ve been listening to the knitting playlist on Spotify. It is great background music for knitting and it is music I normally wouldn’t check out.

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  4. Merry Christmas to you with the new spinning wheel! You have given me a gift too…I have been looking for a pants pattern for ages and the Plateau Joggers are it! Thank you! I need to look into those playlists and some rosemary shortbread since I have rosemary still growing. I always bu the Irish butter because their dairy cows and all their cows are grass-fed. It is pricey though. I always like a Wonderful Life because it was always on t.v. on Christmas Eve when I was up wrapping presents….it reminds me of when my children were little. Thank you for your favorites! I j

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  5. Haha I realise from the comments not everyone knows your hubby is from Canada 🇨🇦. Your ladybug wheel is gorgeous and I see your wee ladybug on it is much fancier than our Guild members painted on one. It’s lovely and I look forward to seeing what gorgeous yarns you make. I saw the finished PJs on Instagram and they look great. I discovered the other day a pair of my PJ bottoms have pockets and I thought oh that’s odd…who needs pockets on PJs? Well now I see some people want them. I can’t think what you’d put in them though.

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  6. Love the colors in the cowl you’re working on – so pretty! Congrats on the new addition. I hope you two have many excellent hours together. 🙂 FWIW, I’ve also been on a “background” music binge in the afternoons. It’s a nice relaxing treat sometimes to just listen to whatever comes on the station.

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