Ten for Tuesday: Project Peace

The Healthy Knitter posted on December 1 about Project Peace and her need to let go. The blog post touched me, and in the spirit of lighting my own candle from hers, I thought I would write about ten ways I can experience more peace.

  1. Start the day with knitting. Instead of spending most of my day thinking about how I can’t wait to knit at the end of the day, and then reaching the end of the day too tired to knit, I am going to try starting my day with a little knitting. I used to do this and I think it helps set the right tone for the day. And considering I spend a couple of hours in the morning staring at a screen while drinking my coffee, I think this is completely doable.
  2. Journal every day. This is another opportunity I have to make the most of my morning. It doesn’t have to be morning pages, it can be jotting a few lines in my journal, like this list!
  3. Go for a walk. I need to set the intention to go for a walk at least a few times per week. Walking down my country road is very peaceful. Once I start working it’s difficult for me to pull away from my desk, but I need to find a stopping point to do it when I can. It makes a big difference in my mental health.
  4. Real talk with friends. I am fortunate to have friends that I can be real with. I need to work on ways to incorporate this into my daily routine, even though we are far apart.
  5. Bake! Baking helps me slow down and savor the moment, so I’m going to try to make time for this on the weekends as a more regular thing, and not just a holiday thing.
  6. Listen to music. I made a couple of holiday playlists on YouTube and have been listening to them this month. I could certainly make other playlists and continue to add to them and edit them. I can also listen to other people’s playlists when I want to experience the surprise of new artists.
  7. Eat meals at the dinner table. I tend to eat breakfast and lunch at my desk while working. That really needs to stop.
  8. Hand write a letter or card. I’ve been enjoying writing the few holiday cards I usually send, and I could easily write letters to friends as well. Taking the moment to hand write something is really a luxury these days when a text or email will suffice.
  9. Take more photos. Photography was one of my first creative outlets, and I still enjoy taking the time to craft a good composition. It takes me out of myself. Even if the photos aren’t for posting and are just for me, I should take more time to create them.
  10. End the day with reading. I would like to have enough energy at bed time to read one chapter in a good book, maybe with a cup of tea. I am still reading Making a Life, which is perfect for this. I would like to cultivate this practice, instead of falling into bed and pulling the covers over my head and waiting for sleep because I’m too exhausted to read.

If you looked carefully at my first image, you’ll see I replaced number 7 to check the garden greenhouse with eating meals at the table. That’s because I went out to check the greens, and last night’s hard frost has ended them. I should have picked them this week, but I didn’t take the time to do that. Checking the garden is still a great way to find peace, but maybe not in the middle of winter.

What are your ways to find a little peace? I hope you will share them in the comments, or on your blog with the tag projectpeace.

16 thoughts on “Ten for Tuesday: Project Peace

  1. I struggle with #2 but I’m going to keep trying. I am not sure why I can’t stick to a daily journaling practice, as I can do other things without a struggle. I do knit every.single.day. Even when I was in hospital earlier this year for several very long days, I knit. (Frankly, I was a much more patient patient with my knitting because it was a frustrating experience.) Also will recommend Little Stories of Your Life by Laura Pashby, which I’m reading right now – it talks about combining photography and journaling and sounds right up your alley!

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  2. This is a wonderful list. I was surprised and – irrationally- pleased that your ten mirror many of my own practices. I don’t bake, except to make granola, but I practice yoga twice a week. I feel peaceful most of the time and so I’ll bet you will experience peace more often on this regimen. The hard part, Alissa, will be to avoid berating yourself when you slip up on following your ten ways.
    Yours in love, peace, and knitting! – Laura

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  3. I love your list and most of these could apply to my wishes with some swaps. I just ordered a 2022 planner and so have been thinking about plans for new year resolutions or continuing habits. I have been journaling for about 5 years now and it’s a good routine. I need a better morning routine and not be on my phone or iPad.

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  4. This is a wonderful list! These all sound like such wonderful ways to slow down and add some peace to your life 🙂 One of my favorites is to stop every once in a while and look at nature. Whether it’s going outside for a walk in natural surroundings or just taking a minute to notice the sky or check for birds, that helps me calm down and experience peace. I think my biggest thing I should do is cut down on screen time, especially in the evening.

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  5. hmmm… Though I love the things on your list, I have had to gear down even farther to really slow my racing bean. Some days I just spend the day listening to what’s on other people’s minds and consider what makes them tick. Other days I just listen to myself and wonder what makes me tick. From another era I am often reminded of the Alan Watts book, In My Own Way and its play on that phrase of how we are often trying so hard to do things ‘in our own way’ and in doing so are just getting in our own way. If we are lucky enough to be in a setting that feeds our being, perhaps opening to that is enough.

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  6. Kayaking is hard in the winter in Vermont, but the rest of the year that’s high on my list. Knitting, of course. Mindless reading (not that I don’t read things that inform or challenge me, but not when peace is the object!). Every time I step out the door, see what nature is offering – this morning I could do that from my bed, watching the flakes drift down. Cooking for others, gathering with others for food and or knitting. Quaker worship, or meditation. Pet an animal. Or a child, or a spouse – although I no longer have one of those. Now that I’m retired, peace is much easier!

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  7. I am right with with you…I am trying to set my morning routine, and make sure I take a walk or do some exercise every single day. I haven’t been, and it really does take a toll on the body and the mind. You have a great list!


  8. This is a great list. A few years ago I started knitting with my morning coffee, and it has made my life more peaceful. I’m trying to get outside to walk more. I need to amp up my journaling too. The Health Knitter lives in Iowa, and I am compelled to point out all Iowans.

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