Sock It To Me Monday

I forgot to tell you that my socks are knit from High Twist Merino Sock in colorway Orange Grove by Forest Lane Fiber Co. I used a 64 stitch recipe with a garter stitch heel, based on the Hermione’s Everyday Socks pattern, on a size 0 needles. I wore these all day yesterday and slept in them last night. I may stop knitting garter stitch heels and just knit stockinette heels. I might also try an afterthought heel. My next socks will be sport weight.

I finished sewing my shacket! I can’t remember what the fabric is, and I can’t look it up because I bought it in store at Sew to Speak a couple of years ago. It’s a heavyweight, double-sided cotton flannel. Chamois? I found a double-sided black flannel to fill in for the in seam pockets and interfacing. Pattern is Logan Shacket by Style Arc. I really love the way their patterns are written. I’m still waiting for the big snaps to arrive to sew them on.

I need to figure out why my Juki is balking at sewing buttonholes on anything other than single layer quilting cotton. Maybe it’s a tension setting? I think I’ll spend some time this week on tutorials.

Are you ready for Monday? I’ve been listening to lo-fi chill hop daily to keep me moving with a soft steady beat and low pulse rate.

I’m also trying a new thing. I’ve downloaded the Feedly app, and I’m trying to follow blogs that way. It’s a little clunkier with WordPress sites, since I have to pop out to the browser and sometimes sign in multiple times to like and comment. But it’s much smoother on the Blogger sites. I’ll get the hang of it eventually. But if it seems I’m missing posts or commenting twice or weird stuff like that, this is why!

15 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. I have not knit socks with a garter stitch heel, always use a slip stitch heel but have tried the after thought heel a couple of times but not my thing. Still love your Shacket and perfect fabric choice! Thanks for sharing the Feedly app, I might have to try that too!

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    1. I’m another who does slip stitch heels; they wear so much better than any others I’ve done. I’m going to pretend i’m doing afterthought heels on the pair of socks that has worn through – and I’m going to slip stitch the heels this time!

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  2. I adore your socks. I 1ove your jacket too. My friend uses Feed1y and suggested it. Maybe if you find it easy, I wi11 try it. I just want to make it easier to post rep1ies and have those who wish to, 1eave me a rep1y. You are 1ooking happy my friend!

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