Put Your Bigfoot In: That’s What this YOP’s About


I got Marilee the All Sass and No Squatch pattern for her birthday and then subtly suggested a knitalong. I may have gotten really excited and powered through. I just have the crown to do. You probably can’t see the gold stellina sparkle. When I finish and sew on the pompom I ordered, I’ll try to get a better pic. Can you see Bigfoot? It’s okay if you can’t. Bigfoot is elusive.

I’m making good progress on my Arrowhead Cardigan sticking to my one row a day.


I’ve been wanting to sew a velour sweatshirt for a couple of months. What can I say. I’m a child of the 80s. I found some mostly cotton velour fabric. What color, you ask? Well, Valentine’s Day is coming. I thought, “I know. I’ll get rose.” Yeah. A pink velour sweatshirt. Good thinking. Except, it’s really pink. Will I go ahead and sew the sweatshirt? Or maybe I should sew a robe instead? I’m going to stew on it.


Nothing to see here. Move along.


I ordered some kale, broccolini, and German Chamomile seeds for the garden. The greens under the greenhouse are still alive but not in great shape. I do think that I can plant some kale and cabbage in there when I plant the snap peas, though.

I’m still getting over whatever virus this is that isn’t Covid. I may have had a secondary sinus infection. I’m fatigued. I’ve been working, knitting, and binge watching Scott and Bailey. It’s my new favorite show (after UK Ghosts and Beforeigners.)

How are your projects coming along?

This has been a Year of Projects update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.

20 thoughts on “Put Your Bigfoot In: That’s What this YOP’s About

  1. I love your projects. Hoping you improve very soon. Sinus infections are so nasty and painful.

    I’ve been rethinking my knitting plans. Going to sell the red Bergere de France Ecoton (it was sitting there glaring at me), have acquired a few patterns in my attempt to find something I can actually knit, and finally found one. Also ordered the yarn (cotton & silk) so I’m a bit more excited. Can’t knit in the evenings now (no more varifocals because of the thick lenses/double vision thing) and anyway my hands are way too sore and stiff by then. So am going to sort out a slot in the mornings to knit/crochet. Mm. We’ll see.

    Feel much better soon.

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    1. Hey Loony Feminist! Good on you for keeping on, keeping on! Just thought I would mention that Fibro Cream by Topricin works wonders on my minor aches and pains. Just a dab is all you need. it blends into my skin without a trace and no smell. It comes in a large tube for about $20.00.

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  2. Yes! I see Bigfoot! Maybe because one of my neighbors has a 6-foot wrought iron silhouette just like on your cap at the back of his pasture. We are kind of Bigfoot crazy out here in the Pacific NW. Oh and Little People crazy, too! Love all of your projects. No worries about the spinning. It will be there when you are feeling better. Wishing you all better soon.

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  3. I personally love 💗 the pink velour, in fact I have a pink shell on under my dusty purple cardigan right now!😆 I saw the Sasquatch; I was thinking that looks like a Sasquatch and then saw the name of your pattern!

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  4. Okay, I had to look at it for a while but I see Bigfoot!!! It’s the dark part, right? I was trying to see his face in the lighter part at first. I love that yarn and the sparkles!!! Sorry, you aren’t feeling well. I hope it passes quickly. l like your pattern and I think that color would look great on you.

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  5. Love your Bigfoot title. We have a Bigfoot camper, and of course living in British Columbia there are often BigFoot aka Sasquatch sightings just to the north and east of us. One day I hope to see one (from afar of course).

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  6. I see big foot and sparkles! There’s some great progress on projects here. I had to look up broccolini but it looks like that lovely long stemmed broccoli, I think I might have a go with planting some of that this year.

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