I did it. I sewed a pink velour Mile End sweatshirt. Pattern is Mile End Sweatshirt by Closet Core. Fabric is rose organic cotton velour from Nature’s Fabrics. Although really soft and mostly cotton, I found the velour a little challenging to sew as it rolled a lot. I may give up my velour fantasies.

Next on my sewing list is a wool melton Clare Coat. Learning curve for sure!

17 thoughts on “Piiiiink

  1. Looks lovely……can’t believe you did it that quick….but then, I can. have worked with velour in the past and did not like working with it…..rolled and slid around….oh well.


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  2. 💗💗💗💗 You look fabulous in pink! Melton is pretty thick, as you know, but it sees beautifully. Just think about the bulk before you do a seam, so you are prepared for what lies ahead, and you will do fine.

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