Music for a Found YOPmonium

This week I was listening to a Celtic music playlist — because Celtic music is my happy music — and in the middle of this playlist (at 29:25 to be exact) along came a song I recognized… from Napoleon Dynamite! If you are curious, the scene is at this link. Our family loves Napoleon Dynamite, and it is probably one of the most quote worthy films in our house, after A Christmas Story, and Raising Arizona.


I am still planning a gansey, knitting one row per day on Arrowhead, and stimming in stockinette on Freya’s Musselburgh. I’m angry about my Vertices Unite, probably because the indigo dyed yarn rubs off on my hands. And I had my nails done this week, which match my gansey swatch!

Since apparently I’m bored with my current knitting, I am going to knit a swatch for another project: Auchnaha. It’s a cardigan that is currently only available through Kate Davies’ Argyll’s Secret Coast Club, which I am really enjoying. On the left, you see Tukuwool DK in Rohto, which I have in stash. On the right is Kate Davies’ Schiehallion in Mooring, which I would have to order. I get a club discount though, and I like that this yarn is smoother than the Tukuwool. But the Tuku may knit up just fine, and smooth out during blocking, so I’m going to give it a try. Both yarns are a blue-green color that I thought would be nice for spring.


I have cut out the wool melton for my royal blue Clare coat, as well as the Thinsulate. I’m waiting on some interfacing before I do any more. I’ve also added a couple of new pieces to my spring wardrobe sewing: a Melba Dress in black cotton jersey and a Norman Jumpsuit in eggplant linen. I have the fabric, but I did buy the patterns — although one was a free bonus pattern with a discount code, which I felt good about.


My spinning continues to improve. I should do more of it.

This has been a Year Of Projects update. You can find out more about the group here (Rav link) or here: Backstage Kath’s YOP bloggers list. You can read my updated list of projects here.

15 thoughts on “Music for a Found YOPmonium

  1. Goodness. You have been a busy person this week. The color of your gansey sample is really pretty. I was wondering about your nails. How cool that they match. A new cast on and some sewing projects. Not to mention spinning. Do you ever sleep? LOL

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  2. I love your Gansey swatch, such a beautiful color! I love Celtic music too and listen to it when I spin, it’s soothing and the perfect music for spinning. Lots of great projects… can’t wait to see them all finished!

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  3. I am amazed at all your skills and your ability to track all those projects. I can barely sew a straight line, so I have no hope of ever sewing clothing, although I’d like to. You find such great patterns that are things you could never buy. Love the nails & gansey swatch!

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  4. Thank you for the link to the wonderful celtic fiddle play list! Love it! Also love to see how you are progressing with your projects. Especially your spinning! It is the one art of wool love that I have never tackled. You give me hope that I might one day try my hand at spinning, too!

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  5. Did you take the Gansey swatch with you to the nail salon? It’s a perfect match! Lovely color in both. I’m so old I’ve never heard of most of those movies but I do like Celtic music! Good for you cutting out fabric and getting so much done! Those yarns look delectable and so does your newly spun yarn. Have another productive week!

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  6. I am in love with the color you are making your coat in! Are you making the A or B version?? Both are amazing. I also love the Norman dress, the minimalist front and the pieced back look like it will make a comfortable dress. And the jumpsuit will be cool too, the elastic on the back will make it really flattering.

    I love the nails and matching gansey swatch!

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