Swatch It to Me Monday

I finished my swatches for Auchnaha. The gauge was close on size 6 US needles, with the Tukuwool DK in Rohto coming out just a little bigger, on the left. (I made an oopsy with an accidental row of purls on the knit side.) As you can see, it’s a very woolly yarn that did not soften with washing. On the right is Kate Davies’ Designs Schiehallion in Mooring. It’s a much softer yarn that I think will be better for this design, which I intend to wear over short sleeves. In fact, this design in this color is perfect to wear over my plaid A-line dress. So that’s that. The Tukuwool will make a wonderful, warm, winter cardigan or pullover, so I’ll save it for something in that vein.

Do you swatch? As a rule, I don’t always. But I’m starting to find the fun in swatching for design. I may become a regular swatcher!

12 thoughts on “Swatch It to Me Monday

  1. It really depends for me. New yarn I’m not 100% sure of – yes. If it’s a designer I’ve knit before and I know their gauge and mine are usually a match, I might not. OTOH, I don’t bother for small things like hats, figuring I give so many of those away, it’ll fit someone somewhere. I really like the teal-y colors you’ve got going!

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  2. For sweaters, I do always swatch. Everything else, though… probably not. Oh, except for stranded colorwork. I will swatch colorwork for all projects, from sweaters down to socks. The fit is otherwise so questionable for stranded colorwork (at least for me).

    And speaking of swatches—I love how the ones you knit turned out! Though I would definitely pick the one on the right better for this, too. I think it will show off the pattern better.

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  3. I love the heathery look of the Tukuwool – although feel is important, and I can’t feel them from here!
    I rarely swatch – if I’m doing toe up socks, by the time I’m past the toe, I have a good piece for checking gauge. Sweaters? top down, same thing, or I start with a sleeve. If I can make a swatch that becomes part of the garment, I always choose that! I have been known to experiment with color work or cables though; I guess they count as swatches. I did that for the slip-stitch vest I made for my sister; unknown yarn, unknown mosaic work, I did have to test it!

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