Saturday Swatch

After sitting with the idea of a springy pink gansey, and not feeling at all comfortable with it, I stumbled across Willow by Pam Allen. I love her designs. I’ve decided this is the gansey for me. I purchased the pattern, but what to do for yarn? Yes, I really wanted to purchase a sweater quantity of yarn, but went stash diving instead. I found just the thing: this Arcadia DK in Moonstone by Less Travelled Yarn! I got gauge and it has great stitch definition. Problem solved! I’ll make a lacey throw over with the pink yarn for spring and summer.

What are you swatching these days, and how is it going?

23 thoughts on “Saturday Swatch

  1. I am swatching and planning my gansey. I dyed some sport weight Merino and am almost ready to get started. I’ll be posting my progress on the blog soon. I like the one you settled on. It’s nice to just do the knitting sometimes right?

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