Happy Caturday

My name is Dan Bill, aka Daniel Billiam, aka Doob’n Boob’l, aka Doob’l, aka Mr Beans.

Happy Caturday! We learned yesterday that Mackenzie and Dan Bill got an apartment and will be moving out in early April. We’re excited for them, but they will be missed. The good news is I will be moving my studio into the spare room. Now I will be able to sew while Bob works because the noise won’t be a disruption. I will also have a nice cozy room to sit and knit and spin.

I got my first yarn mystery boxes in the mail this week. I can’t wait to read reviews and watch unboxing videos! I have been practicing my dyeing and designing for the Volunteer Sunflowers box. I also listed my Autumn Yarn Mystery Box which doesn’t ship until September. As much as I appreciate Etsy Seller tools, I regret they restrict my ship by date options. It might be a good reason to move forward with a commerce website. I haven’t because I can’t really afford that right now.

I joined the Ocean Moon Mystery Knitalong by designer Ambah O’Brien. It’s my first Ambah pattern. This is my yarn from Fiber Optic Yarns. I think I chose well. It’s five mini skeins from the Oceans Six gradient plus Ebbtide for the moon and Storm for the sea. I’m going full on with the intarsia version. It’s all Kashmir, which is merino, yak, and silk.

I swatched for a Lodge Sweater with Cornbread and Honey’s Peaceful DK with some KnitPicks Aloft in Sydney (on sale). I’m looking forward to knitting this, but I will probably wait until fall. I fluffed my stash yesterday while organizing my yarn. I have many sweaters waiting to be knit. I’d better get on it.

I made myself breakfast in bed today. Eggs and pie. The best! My sense of smell and taste are coming back after my January illness, and I’m enjoying coffee again.

My name is JoJo, aka Jo, aka Jolene, aka JoJoBelle, aka Miss PetiPaws, aka Pretty Princess, aka Queen. I am glad the interloper will be moving out soon, though I will miss the extra hooman.

Hope you have a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “Happy Caturday

  1. Ahh! My kind of girl! Love your creative breakfast! Love a Caturday – hanging with the meow-meows. I once had a handsome tabby cat named Joey who was often tagged JoJo. He had a John Wayne stroll and so was also often called The Duke. So I suppose I would be calling Dan Bill – ‘DB’ as in DB Cooper. His passed week has been almost as tough as yours, So I am sending you both a big hug and a prayer for good eats and better weeks ahead! Love the yarn of blues/purples/whites! I think it would make a great carry-all, as well as whatever you turn it into! Keep cool.

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  2. I ate lemon merange pie for breakfast this week, it was wonderful! Your box came today!!!! I wasn’t expecting it until Monday, and here it was in the mail, so I made a latte and ate my chocolate and put those pretty markers right to use. I ❤️ that beautiful yarn…you are going to be a grand success with this Alissa!


  3. Pie for breakfast sounds wonderful. ❤ I love the yarn picks for the Ambah MKAL! I thought about joining that one too, but it looks like it will be a bigger shawl than I feel like knitting right now. I've been meaning to knit one of her smaller shawls, though, or maybe one of her hat or cowl patterns.

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