Friday FO: Bandana Cowl

I finished my Bandana Cowl Number 4 in my Spring Thaw yarn from Cornbread and Honey. I love it! So soft, super cozy, and my favorite color. And the best part is it’s nonsuperwash merino!

It still needs a blocking, but I love the shaping. If you make one, be sure your cast on is super stretchy. I used the German twisted cast on.

14 thoughts on “Friday FO: Bandana Cowl

  1. That Spring Thaw yarn is very pretty. And I also really like the style of that cowl. I have been thinking of making a wide inverted-v shaped cowl to use when I sit up in bed to read and knit. Sort of a slip-on bed jacket. Your cowl has given me food for thought on creating it. Thanks for the German cast on tip! It’s a good cast on to have in one’s knitting tool kit. I once knew a lady who used it for all of her cast-ons. It was the one she was taught as a girl. Her sweaters were always beautifully knit!

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      1. 👍…Another trick I sometimes use to make sure there will be enough ‘give’ when casting-on or binding-off – is to use knitting needles that are 1-2 sizes larger than those used for the ribbing for either the cast-on or the last 2 rows when binding off. This is especially helpful with heavy weight yarns when there are fewer stitches to provide that ‘ease’ at the edges.

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