New Me, New Studio Space

Mackenzie and Dan Bill moved out of the spare room ( 😔 We miss them) but I was able to fill the void with my craft room! It feels good to take up space.

I finished section 3 of my naturally dyed Vertices Unite. I’m really wanting to finish this before Saturday, when I will be starting the Ocean Moon mystery knit along. I think it’s possible if I spend several hours on it each day.

Most of my plant babies have germinated. The Dyer’s Chamomile and Madder haven’t come up yet, though. My garden is full of weeds, and I’ve already seen the first slug babies emerge. Preparing the garden for planting will be easier than last year, but still a slog.

What else have I been doing with my time? Healing. Journaling. Easing back into exercise. Logging my food. I confirmed some new bad-for-me foods: coffee, chocolate, turmeric, chili powders. I can’t promise I will never eat chocolate or drink coffee again, but I will definitely be making it more of an occasion. I’m already noticing a decline in my symptoms.

I need to revisit my Year of Projects list and my knitting project spreadsheet. I want to sew a dress this week. I want to practice my French on Babbel, and spin for 15 minutes every day. I’m trying to create a routine for myself that is more in tune with my natural rhythms, and I feel a little wobbly. Bob moved into the office, which opened up space for a dyeing area outside the kitchen. My business is going well. I put the Wool & Roses boxes in the mail yesterday. My heart is full, and I am grateful.

What are you working on this week?

17 thoughts on “New Me, New Studio Space

  1. Your studio/office looks airy and open! This week, leaning up the chaos from Round 1 of the Sewing Bee, and hopefully working on the April BOM’s so they are finished before Round 2 begins on Monday. I have a mountain of practicing to do; I have two gigs coming up to play for.

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  2. Oh boy! Having all of the items for your knitting world in one room must feel like finally landing after a long flight. Take your time to settle in and clear out the jet lag. Because my yarn collection can sit for some years before they are used, I keep most of them in containers to keep them ‘fresh’ and bug and critter free. For the yarns I want to keep an eye on, I use box style clear plastic garment bags with zipper tops. One side of these bags is of a fabric that allows the contents to breathe. They can be stacked on a shelf.
    You have my empathy on removing foods from your diet! A while back it became obvious to me that I would be better off without onions and garlic in my diet. I had included these in my daily diet for all of my adult life. But it has been so worth it to give them up!! And I truly do not miss them now. For me they are just history. I hope you too will find the benefit worth the sacrifice!

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  3. I hope you will be feeling the benefits soon, too! I am also GF and dairy free. GF to relieve morning headaches, which it totally did! And dairy free for better energy which it also seems to help with. One word to the wise on being GF, if was a choice originally but has become a must to prevent tummy upset. Once my body got the gluten out of my system, it really wants nothing to do with it now. Just happy that we live in a time when it is so easy to be GF and dairy free. Wishing you well Alissa

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  4. My sympathies regarding chocolate and coffee.
    Your new studio space is wonderful. It looks so inviting. I hope you are able to create every day in that space. I can’t wait to hear about your spinning. I wish I had found a ladybug when I was looking for a wheel.

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  5. I’m excited to see all the creative endeavours that will be happening in your fabulous new space. That’s great you’ve identified a few more foods that aren’t agreeable. I really think I’d be on one of those true crime shows if I gave up chocolate.

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  6. Your space looks amazing – and functional! What I don’t see are bookshelves – or do you get all your knitting/crafting inspiration on line? Is the couch/daybed where you sit to knit?

    I’m not sure I’d think life was still worth living, if I had to do it without chocolate! Any other food, I can live without, but more than a few days without chocolate, and I start to feel deprived. (Depraved?) One of the knitters at knit nite tonight brought Champlain Chocolates truffles, so I got my hit for the evening.


  7. Oh, what am I working on this week? Boring, all stockinette sweater for one of my cousins – with wonderful yarn (silk, merino, something else) from my aunt’s stash. Maybe another week to go and I’ll be posting the completed garment.

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