Wednesday: a WIP and a Win

I’m still plugging away on the Ocean Moon mystery knitalong, Clue 1. Clue 3 drops tomorrow! I hope to catch up this weekend. I am liking the yarn colors and the design. I’m getting the hang of intarsia again, though I’m slow.

I finished sewing my Melba dress. I feel very chic wearing it. It looks great with my clogs and sunglasses.

The fabric is organic cotton knit from Spoonflower. It says, “Born to Knit” and “Knitting Takes Balls.” I’m very happy with it. My only complaint is the boat neck is too wide. I’ll adjust that on the next one I sew.

Pattern is Melba Dress from Style Arc. This pattern also works with woven fabrics.

How are your WIPs coming along this week? Any wins?

18 thoughts on “Wednesday: a WIP and a Win

  1. Your new knit themed dress is smashing! Very slenderizing, too. And I do like the mystery in your Ocean Moon mystery knit! Looking forward to seeing it progress! Like so much of knitting, the more you do intarsia, the easier it gets. Being able to focus on the one area of color changes each row is a great way to practice those skills. Think spring! 😎

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  2. That’s perfect for your new business! I caught up on quilt blocks and am back knitting 4-6 rows each night. I have my jeans still in pieces but am holding off on them for a little longer.

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