Happy Paranormal Day!

Did you know May 3rd is Paranormal Day? I didn’t either, but I follow a lot of paranormal accounts, so that’s how I found out. How does one celebrate Paranormal Day? If you’re like me, you combine your special interests and sew a paranormal themed dress!

Yep, it’s another Melba Dress in Spoonflower “Phantasmagoria” fabric, which I caught on sale. I’m planning to wear this to the Ohio State Reformatory on May 21 for ParaPsycon. Bob and my kids are taking me for my birthday!

I like this dress paired with ankle boots and a denim jacket, but I’m a child of the 80’s so I like everything with a denim jacket.

I felt like this dress was screaming for a scarf (see what I did there) but now I’m not so sure.

I think I might need a spooky statement necklace and dangly earrings.

I’m planning to knit a Halloween cardigan this year, too, and I’m hoping it will work with this dress.

How would you style it?

20 thoughts on “Happy Paranormal Day!

  1. Happy Paranormal Day to you Alissa. Perfect getup to celebrate it! Perhaps if the scarf were knotted below the bust line it might work? BTW Have you ever had a paranormal experience? I have had a few. One was very sweet and arrived without any warning. I was just waking from an afternoon nap in the rec room at my parents’ house. I had drawn the drapes on a large front window to darken the room. I got up on waking and walked over to part the drapes and was quite surprised to find that it was snowing. In that instance, I was also surprised to sense that someone was standing beside me. Not at all threating, but rather a longtime friend, In the blink of an eye, ‘we’ went through many, many combinations of two people standing together peering out at the snow fall. We were an old couple, two children, two elderly sisters, two monks, etc. etc. Many, many such pairs of people. It all happened clearly, yet extremely fast, though nothing felt rushed. The room was very quiet, and I felt heartened by the experience. I wish everyone some such an experience!

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    1. That sounds like a lovely experience. I have had a few experiences, most spooky, a couple sweet, and one threatening that I had to handle at a workplace. I’m definitely a believer.


      1. If I have a belief, it is to give the creeps no place to dwell. Which means to not dwell on them. But instead dwell on those who have the magic to lift one’s spirit.

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  2. That’s a fun dress! I would actually still pair it with a scarf—but instead of a functional, keep-you-warm scarf, I’d find a lightweight one, preferably white or light gray and translucent. Or maybe even a lacy orange scarf, for a Halloween theme.

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  3. I didn’t notice the “paranormal” fabric until you mentioned it…very cool! That is a great pattern! I’ve had quite a few “experiences” but then I’m old so that explains the amount! LOL! Have fun on your birthday!

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