Wednesday WIPs: Pink Moons and Birthday Skeins

This week I’ve continued to focus on the Ocean Moon shawl, which is finished and blocking. I’ll post pics of that on Friday.

I also recast on Bob’s socks. I found the flips a little slippery, so I’m back to my Lykke Driftwood and magic loop method.

I’ve been practicing my dyeing. These skeins are inspired by an artists’ trading card I made years ago. They are 50/50 cotton and wool dyed with low impact acid dyes. The cotton content creates a heathery effect, as the wool takes up the dye but the cotton doesn’t. The three skeins shown came out as expected and are now listed in the shop.

Two skeins came out muted due to a less consistent dyebath temperature. I decided to try overdyeing them, inspired by the full lunar eclipse. (Image of lunar eclipse on right by friend Miriam Climenhaga.) I was hoping for a complex black with pops of red. Because of the cotton content in the yarn, there is no way I could get a true black with acid dyes. They are more gray, but a nice memento of seeing the Flower Moon eclipse in the sky on my birthday.

I don’t know whether to call it Flower Moon or Blood Moon. I guess it was a Full Flower Super Total Blood Moon Eclipse! It was quite a sight centered over the trees behind our house. I’m still singing “Pink Moon” to myself.

I’ve also been practicing with procion dyes for the Volunteer Sunflowers yarn mystery box, but won’t share images as they are a mystery! I’ve got a pretty good handle on procion dyes for cellulose fibers and acid dyes for protein fibers. It’s the blends I’m practicing to see if I can improve techniques there. I also want to make sure I know how to get the most vibrant colors possible for nonsuperwash yarns, as colors tend to be less vibrant than on superwash wool yarns. I’m experimenting with that, and ways to ensure the colors are well set and lightfast —all while trying to exhaust the dye baths and impact our watershed as little as possible.

I had a lovely birthday and received heartwarming cards and gifts. This is a small sample of knitting related gifts from friends. I can’t wait to start reading the Knitstrips comic book!

I also finished weeding and planting the garden. I planted less this year in hopes it won’t be such a jungle.

Today I hope to get some sewing done! What are you working on this week?

15 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs: Pink Moons and Birthday Skeins

  1. You really seem to be having fun with the dying! And I love the Lykke needles – I’ve not been able to justify buying any, as I own way too many needles now – and there weren’t any at the store when I last bought a circular. And I envy you the eclipse – I was under solid cloud cover and thunderstorms. Working on socks, and figuring out the pattern for the next cousin sweater.

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  2. Happy Birthday!!! Lovely gifts and I am curious about the comic strip book! The yarns are really scrumptious and your lunar eclipse yarn turned out perfect! I didn’t watch as i can’t stay up that late…lol! Love those socks too!!!

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  3. Such lovely gifts Alissa…the yarns are beautiful and your dying sounds like fun. I’m envious you got to see the moon, great photo! I love your back yard photo.. what joy this must bring to you when everything blooms and grows.

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  4. You have been very busy! Your dye groups look really pretty, and your garden looks to be off to a great start. I simply must transplant the brassicas today, and get them out of their starter sets. I am finishing up BOM stuff and then cleaning up the hurricane in my sewing room while I am off teaching this week and next.

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  5. The bundle of skeins top right look a lovely set. As do the other yarns including your own. I like using my Lykke needles, I’m so clumsy I struggle to keep stitches from escaping my needles and need the slight grip of the wood.

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