You and Me Against the Slugs: Wednesday WIPs

One Blueberry Popover Day striped sock

While this sock may look like an FO (finished object) I can assure you it is a WIP (work in progress) as it is awaiting its mate. I have cast on the second sock, but I’m still on the cuff ribbing. If it were Friday, I would have posted it as an FO, because that’s how I roll.

The only other things I’ve been working on are my knitting design and dyeing for my summer yarn mystery box. These are top secret, so I can’t post pics. Today I’ll be typing up the pattern and starting the project bags. Later this afternoon I hope to get back to knitting on my Pumqueen Cardi.

I went out to the garden to check on the new plants, and so far, so good. We have so many slugs, though. Last year, the beer traps worked about 80% of the time. But as I mentioned before, not all slugs are dumb. This morning I was quoting the movie Tremors, “This one ain’t falling for it. This one ain’t dumb.” I think the dumb slugs (or beer loving slugs?) have now been excluded by natural selection. I never put out the Escar-go! because it can harm small animals. I don’t want anything like that in my garden. If I depended on my garden for food, I would take more drastic measures.

Speaking of horror, I’ve started a new-to-me folk horror series by Phil Rickman. I am liking it! I have been struggling with reading lately, so it’s good to find an author and series that I like.

We’ve been to Cleveland and back, and had a really nice stay for Peyton’s graduation weekend. While there, I stopped by Longtail Knits and picked up this beautiful shawl pin that is perfect for my Ocean Moon shawl! We also ate delicious gluten-free crepes, and I had a gluten free scone at a coffee shop. Here’s an adorable pic of Bob and his Mom!

19 thoughts on “You and Me Against the Slugs: Wednesday WIPs

  1. That’s the prettiest shawl pin I have ever seen. Regarding slugs: In my yard, their quantities and amount of damage vary considerably from year to year. I think that I get a big assist in slug control from animals like toads and birds. Also, I make a juicy compost pile with kitchen scraps, as an attractant for slugs and snails. It’s several yards away from the vegetable beds.

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      1. Ducks will eat your veggies faster than the slugs will hehe. There was a funny episode of River Cottage where Hugh F-W got some ducks to tackle the slugs and they munched all his veg. They were cute though

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      2. I think Kathyโ€™s experiment with ducks didnโ€™t go well either. I love frogs and toads, so hopefully I can find one nearby. I got the pond and a toad house. ๐Ÿคž

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