Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair

I had a great time at the Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair today! Bob’s Mom, Margie, and I went for a couple of hours and shopped the booths. I got to see some of my favorite yarn dyers, and pick up a few precious skeins.

I was really excited to meet Catherine from Knitting Notions in person. You may know her from the yarnmama blog. I had a hard time choosing from her displays dripping with glorious tonal yarns, but I managed. I also picked up a cherry wood darning egg!

Next stop was Laura from Laughing Cat Fibers. I got to meet her husband Joe on this visit. Laura will be dyeing the yarn for my Autumn Yarn Mystery Box! I picked up a few skeins and a free pattern!

It’s always a pleasure to banter with Kelley from Dye Mad Yarns. I grabbed a skein of Taurus and another of Litha, for summer seasonal knitting joy. I also selected a Porch Goose magnet set for my refrigerator. I’m really glad I got one, because I’ve been wanting it for a long time. You need one too.

I met a new-to-me Ohio dyer, Lorna from Bewitched Pigments. Their yarn colors are stunning! I didn’t get any yarn from them at the event, but I did sign up for one of the clubs on their website.

I also got to visit with the ladies from the Central Ohio Weaving and Fiber Arts Guild for a moment. I didn’t have time to sit and knit in public, but I’ll be volunteering at a couple of events later this summer.

Sharon, above on the right, suggested I try spinning with BFL as I’m learning. So I brought home a braid of natural BFL, which I may dye before I spin. I will save photos of my acquisitions for another post.

Did you knit in public today?

12 thoughts on “Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair

  1. I love spinning BFL, much nicer than spinning merino for me. I did knit in public…well at the Guild meeting and a few other ladies got their knitting out during part of the day. Will you have a separate post with the yarns you bought?

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  2. We have nothing like that around here. It looks like so much fun and what gorgeous yarns. They do have a spinning group at the Ozark Folk Center but that is an hour from me and I don’t know how to spin! LOL!
    I knit in public usually at doctor’s offices but right now we have heat advisories…97 feels like 107 so no outside knitting for me!

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  3. I knit, but on a point on the coast of Maine, with only my hosts to see! My LYS has Knit in Public this coming Saturday (there was a conflicting event last week) and I will be there. It’s supposed to be cool enough to wear sweaters! Much better than the heat that others here are commenting on!


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