Week End Wrap Up

Hey y’all, antidepressant withdrawal symptoms are no joke. I napped every day this week. I craved bacon and potatoes. I’m still battling taste bud malfunction. I haven’t knit a stitch in days! Here’s what I did get up to.

I ordered a new hula hoop. This is a beginner hoop named Mystic Dragon. She’s being patient with me. I can keep her going for a few seconds. I’m following another over 50 hooper on Instagram. She’s slow and gentle with her movements. I am encouraged!

We went to the farmer’s market today and picked up the first apples of the season. Thank you Covid gods for leaving my apple taste buds intact.

Chestnut Hills Studio (that’s me) is having an end of summer sale! If these cotton and wool babies don’t go, I’ll be holding onto the three variegated and three of the tansy dyed to knit a summer Halvis next year.

I heard an interview with author Adrienne Dillard on Talking Tudors and decided I needed to order this book. Her next historical fiction about Jane Seymour and Margery Horsman is coming out in November. Having just finished watching Becoming Elizabeth, I was really in the mood for this. So far, so good! Other books have been swept aside in the wake of this one.

I sewed two new Tekura Tees. Ready for October! Who am I kidding. I will wear these year round.

Many people don’t like that corporations and probably the government are tracking all your online activity. I could care less. I’m not doing anything anyone could be interested in. Except when the Coastal Grandma alert goes off and a company I have never heard of mails a paper catalog to me of everything I want. This is how they get you. Look at this jacket! Unfortunately, everything in the catalog is over $150. Fortunately, I know how to sew.

I found a pattern on Etsy for $3! And I have fabric that will work. At first I was thinking the teal corduroy. Now I’m wondering if the wool plaid would be better. I purchased it for trousers but it has a soft hand. Either way, I’ll have to buy a lining fabric. Which one do you prefer? I’ll probably go with corduroy. I’m not sure about quilting this wool fabric from Heavens to Betsy via The Woolery. Although I could quilt along the tartan lines, so there’s that.

15 thoughts on “Week End Wrap Up

  1. I have not thought about using a hula hoop, good for you. Those apples look so heavenly and I’m quite jealous they had those at your farmers market. I’ve not heard of Adrienne Dillard, thank you for mentioning her. I love reading anything that has to do with the Tudors, I found that part of history quite fascinating. Love your tees and can’t wait to see your jacket…you are such an amazing sewing.

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  2. Love your tees!! Either fabric would be wonderful for that coat. But maybe the plaid would be just a touch better? Good for you hula hooping! Fun and good exercise – win win win 🙂 I really hope the withdrawal symptoms calm down for you and you are feeling better soon. The apples look delicious, and the book sounds really interesting!

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  3. I had no idea there were grades of hoop, that sounds like a fun way to keep active. I’ve added that book to my list as I’m a huge Tudor fan and haven’t come across Dillard. Those yarns are beautiful and will be great for that project. I hope your health settles down for you soon.

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  4. That plaid is really pretty! But I can’t decide if I would like it better as plants or a jacket. The Halloween cat shirt, though… that one I completely agree with your comment that it will be a year-round shirt. I love it! The fabric is great.

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