The Result of My Labor (See What I Did There?)

Happy Labor Day!

I’m really jazzed with the results of my black walnut leaf dyeing. This fabric will make some gorgeous autumnal project bags. I enjoyed this process so much, I’m already planning to do it again with black walnut leaves but without iron mordant, and another set with indigo from the garden. That should keep me busy making project bags for the shop.

Hope you’re having a great day! Are you working on something crafty?

18 thoughts on “The Result of My Labor (See What I Did There?)

  1. I just caught up with your blogs…..funny you should mention “bowels” as I was hospitalized for diverticulitis and almost had to have surgery. No caffeine for me…a liquid diet and I lost 20 lbs. I hope yours wasn’t as bad.
    I love how your fabric turned out…gorgeous…I would have never guessed looking at the the fabric rolled up with the leaves…amazing!
    The coat pattern is awesome along with the dress you made in that beautiful fabric. I might be able to make the dress but the coat is way beyond my skill level but I would love to make it.
    I tried to hand quilt today but the needle won’t go through the batting and I just bought the hoop, thimbles. needles and thread….I was SO disappointed. I guess I’ll get a walking foot. I’m sure it’s the batting as I’ve hand quilted before. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed you Labor Day! I’m working on my craft room…it’s a hot mess!

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