Wednesday WIPS

I’ve picked up knitting my 2 Spooky hat again. I’m now on the crown decreases. Maybe I’ll finish it today?

I dyed this Virginia cotton canvas and am planning to sew another pair of Free Range Slacks, this time in the wide leg, cropped version. I need some beach pants for an upcoming trip to Michigan.

I’ve almost finished spinning my Pumpkins for Sale BFL. I’m going to try chain plying. Liz says I can keep it a gradient that way.

I harvested most of the Anaheims. I’m going to de-seed and de-vein them, and freeze them. I also harvested the indigo. I’m drying the leaves so I can dye with them later.

It stayed in the mid 50s today, which is cold for this time of year — even for me! I’m not complaining.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPS

  1. So many interesting projects! I had to go online to see what the ‘chain plying’ was all about and found a very good video explaining it. What a cool way to three-ply when you only have a single source of yarn to work with. Those big loose chains are the trick! And a lot of twist from the spinning wheel helps too. You go girl! Also love the color of the canvas for your new pants. And yes, sweater weather has arrived here in the Pac NW, too. Enjoy!

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