A Major Award Weekend

This weekend we went to Cleveland to visit A Christmas Story House! We’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and finally made it happen. We brought kids and stayed with kids in their new house, so it was a wonderful kid-filled weekend!

The kids (including Bob) enjoyed getting into character. It was a lot of fun!

We also enjoyed the museum, which included a room filled with some of the costumes.

I was disappointed there was only one sweater.

Remember when I waxed rhapsodic about the handknits in the movie? I can’t find this old post, or I would link to it.

They have a fan art room, and I’m tempted to recreate Esther Jean’s stockings and donate them to the museum.

The gift shop was also a lot of fun. I picked up a few small things, including this charm I’ll use as a progress keeper!

I also got to meet a new family member on this trip, Cannoli. ❤️

Do you watch A Christmas Story every year, like we do?

12 thoughts on “A Major Award Weekend

  1. Count me as A Christmas Story fan, too. Enough so, that the narrative style opening started playing in my head as I viewed your pictures! If you had told me I would like a movie (and a Christmas movie at that!) about a boy and a bee bee gun, I would have said ‘No Way!’… A lesson in never judging a book by its cover, so to speak. 😄
    I have also always been a fan of Ernest Saves Christmas and well, all things Jim Varney.
    BTW – Where did you find that great blue coat??? It fits you perfectly and looks so warm! 😍

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      1. Hey on a different topic here’s a link to some natural yarn and rovings that I thought you might like: https://rainbowfibercoop.org/ This yarn is wonderful for durable items like small rugs and shoulder bags. I used some to repair a Navajo rug and was very pleased with it. Thought you might like to try spinning it! 😊

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