Advent Scarf

A few years ago I really wanted to knit this scarf:

📸 Tricia Weatherston

I still want to knit it! (That’s a tried and true test for spending my knitting time in a quality way.)

I’m late to start an Advent scarf. I have a cone of sport weight Frangipani gansey yarn (worsted spun with great stitch definition) in off white that I think would be perfect, though. Should I cast on? (I think the answer to that question is always YES.) Or I could add it to next year’s December knitting list, which is more rational and realistic, especially since I have a couple of gift knits to finish.

Are you a December Advent knitter? I like it as a way to count down the holidays. I didn’t put anything in my Advent chest this year. I was disappointed when I created my own yarn Advent with leftovers. I thought I was really clever, tricking myself. Oh well. Maybe next year I’ll purchase some new little things and fill in with chocolate.

Here is my updated Holiday Watch List of titles I’ve seen so far:

  • All is Bright
  • Krampus
  • Rare Exports
  • Hjem til Jul
  • Gilmore Girls holiday episodes
  • Great British Baking Show holiday episodes
  • Great American Baking Show holiday edition
  • A Christmas Story Christmas movie (a worthy follow up to the original)

Have you any new holiday movies or shows you are watching this year?

15 thoughts on “Advent Scarf

  1. Ah yes, the getting one’s knitting in sync with the calendar. Always a challenge. I have tried different approaches. I still try to knit winter items and summer items in the opposite seasons. Sometimes I stick with gift items while I whet my appetite for something for moi! I love doing knits for babies and toddlers. They are portable and nice to have on hand when I hear of a newborn kidlet. But then, like you, what don’t I love to knit!!?! 🤣
    I certainly love that Advent scarf and think it would be great in off-white or ‘winter white’ as we used to say. It is the perfect width I am sure would be a favorite!
    Knowing all that needs to be done between now and Christmas, I would be hesitant to put something new on the needles for this year, but maybe you could just be getting a ‘head start’ on next year! See what I did there? As to Christmas Movies as I mentioned before, I am a Jim Varney fan and also Peewee Herman.

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  2. This is a really pretty scarf! I would have to plan it for a year when I didn’t have any Christmas gift knitting still on the needles, though, or any December vacations. Either of those would distract me too much and I would lose steam on the Advent knitting.

    Sounds like you’ve seen come fun holiday movies!

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  3. I would start the scarf this advent and finish it next advent as that looks like more than 25 days knitting at my speed and on that sized yarn. It’s beautiful though. I think our Christmas movie taste is very different…I always watch Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life, Polar Express, While you were sleeping (Christmas adjacent) and The Grinch (Jim Carey version)…also I always watched Serendipity even though that’s not strictly a Christmas movie either.

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    1. I like most of those films, but not Polar Express. The graphics in that film scarred my children. 😂 We’ll definitely watch Elf at some point, and It’s a Wonderful Life. All is Bright is a new favorite.

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  4. Oh! That is a pretty scarf!! I think a 12 MONTH advent project? 😉 this is definitely a project that calls for god stitch definition.

    I don’t really “do” advents. Mostly it’s my inability to plan effectively.

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  5. My advents are always spent gift knitting – and I never have it all done before the holiday; often people get New Years gifts! At this point, I have at least three sweaters for me with yarn set aside – and I don’t see getting to any of them before maybe March?? So much to knit, so little time… I love that scarf; don’t know that I’d knit it for advent, but I’d definitely consider knitting it! Have the yarn for it in stash, too.

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  6. That is a great scarf! It would look great in off white 🙂 I have a ton of gansey yarn too, but still seriously believe I will actually knit a gansey. 2023 is the year!
    I love advents! Mostly I do Halloween ones, but Christmas ones are nice too. We are just getting started on the Christmas movies, so all we’ve watched so far is the Charlie Brown Christmas and then the follow up on which I don’t remember the title of. I’m angling for the Grinch tomorrow, but we will see!


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