Winter Solstice WIPs

Happy Winter Solstice! The shortest day of the year has ended, and the longest night is upon us. It’s my favorite night of the year. I’ve started a fire, mulled some apple cider, and am settling in for an evening of knitting. Bob made chili and cornbread for dinner. For dessert I made mince pies!

My WIPs (works in progress) are coming along well.

I am meeting my goal of five rounds per day on Lovecraft’s Bane. I should be finished on Christmas Eve.

I’ve also picked my Peaceful Lodge Sweater back up, for mindless evening knitting. I’ve divided for the armholes and am working on the back right now. I hope to be finished and wearing it on New Year’s Day.

I wish for you good food, great company, and a long cozy night of knitting tonight, or whatever you love to do!

11 thoughts on “Winter Solstice WIPs

  1. Those pastry toppers really perk-up this classic! I am stealing this! 😍
    The yarn blend on your Peaceful Lodge Sweater has a sort of Aurora Borealis quality. Very cool and would love to be wearing it tonight in our very cool weather out here in the PNW.
    I thought of 2 other movies you might enjoy over the holidays. Both are black and white and from long ago but sweet in their own ways. They are, ‘The Bishop’s Wife’ with David Niven, Donna Reed and Cary Grant as the ghost, and ‘The Gold Rush’ with Charlie Chaplin (with cameos of a very live bear in the opening scenes!). I hope you enjoy them, too.

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