It’s on Random: 6 Miscellaneous Goals for 2023

1. Continue Bullet Journaling

I started bullet journaling in October, and it has made a huge difference in my anxiety. If I write everything down, I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. It also helps me organize my thoughts and activities by topic. This morning, I set up my January pages while listening to Not Just the Tudors: Birth of the Gregorian Calendar.

2. Try Brioche Stitch

This is one knitting stitch I’ve never tried, and I would like to learn it. I’m thinking brioche socks.

3. Knit Myself some Slippers

I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years. My last attempt was unsuccessful. Here is a list of the patterns I’m considering:

4. Read 1 Book each Month

It may seem like I’m lowballing, but I rarely slow down enough to read. And if I stay up watching movies, there’s no way I’ll get my bedtime reading in. So that’s my plan: go to bed weeknights in time to get at least one chapter read. Right now I’m reading: Keeper of the Queen’s Jewels, Midwinter of the Spirit, and Threads of Life.

5. Bake More

I’m doing well on sourdough scones, flat bread, and pizza dough. Above is my latest scone: cinnamon and crystallized ginger. But I’d like to bake more cakes and pies. So that’s my goal. One per month, I think.

6. Garden Plans

I’ve got my seeds, and this year I’m planning to grow a kimchi garden for Bob, as he makes really great kimchi. There will also be vegetables and herbs of course, but no new dye plants. Whatever survives. I’ll probably draw a schematic in my journal and share it. I’ve also got a galvanized shelf that I think will be perfect to hold seedlings in the south facing bay window. If only I knew someone who could send me a rooting of pondweed for my little frog pond. Any takers?

18 thoughts on “It’s on Random: 6 Miscellaneous Goals for 2023

  1. Pondweed. If I could find any, it would be under ice this time of year!!

    Brioche: It’s a very cushy and warm stitch. Think scarf or hat, unless you have very cold ankles! You probably don’t want that much depth of texture around your foot. But maybe for those slippers you want?

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      1. It’s also called duckweed. I’m not picky. I just need a plant that will oxygenate the water and allow the frogs to float around on the surface. Pondweed is native here, so it won’t be invasive, plus it’s only in a little pond in my garden. I can’t find any untreated ponds nearby, though.


  2. Hard not to like a girl whose goal in life is to find some pondweed. 🙂 I have fond memories of freshly baked Brioche that a neighbor would share over coffee. A true treat! As to the brioche stitch, I have reknit it from time to time when repairing machine knit items. Then it is usually made of lightweight yarns, where it does not puff up so much. But kayak2016blog is right about it being very puffy and warm on anything like a worsted wt. or heavier. Might be good for the slippers or say the ribbing of a flat knit skull cap.
    My latest eating addition has been to sprout my own alfalfa and mung seeds. I actually enjoy both and its nice and easy to have them fresh to add to just about anything. The mung sprouts lead to a renewed interest in Egg Foo Young.
    We are in a blanket of fog here this morning…I bet there are some pondweeds out there somewhere!

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  3. HaHa – why am I not surprised. I too have brioche and making a pair of slippers on my ’23 knitting plan. I want to make felted scuff slippers though. I am doing a grateful journal in ’23. Need to work more on being positive.

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  4. Learning brioche stitch was one of my goals for 2022. I took one tutorial, but found getting started to require more concentration than I was willing to give it. Maybe I’ll give it more effort in 2023.

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  5. I’m playing catch up clearly…now just read this post about your miscellaneous goals, so the previous one I read and commented on was projects. I need to keep up with posts better. Perhaps I’ll add that to my own big list 😂

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  6. You’ve got some great goals! I can’t wait to hear how your pondweed search goes – your frog friends will really appreciate it 🙂 If you want to start with something straightforward for brioche, a cowl or hat is a good way to go. It is super cushy and warm! I love journaling too – it has been so helpful to me, and it’s fun getting a little fancy with it. Speaking of which – journal twins!


  7. Do you do all the drawing in your bullet journal? That January page looks beautiful! I would definitely go for the reindeer slippers…so cute! The Threads of Life book looks very interesting. I love to bake but had to stop when I got sick. I am just now adding more back into my diet…slowly.
    I will have to Google to see what duckweed looks like. We might have some down by the lake. There is a natural spring that feeds into the lake and there are always lily pads there so maybe there would be duckweed? I’ll let you know.
    Good job on your goals and nice and realistic too. I tend to go over the top and then feel like a failure! LOL! Enjoy the New Year!

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    1. Thanks for checking on the duckweed! A water lillie might work as well. I use stickers in my bullet journal for the calendar pages. Hope you are feeling well enough to bake soon!


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