WIP Wednesday

I’ve primarily been focusing on my Arrowhead cardigan. I’ve steeked the front, and am close to the cuff on the sleeves. After that, there will only be finishing left to do! I expect that will take me a week or two, as there are facings in addition to cuff and neckline ribbing to knit. I am really looking forward to finishing and wearing this cardi!

21 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

      1. I’ve only done one sweater with steeks, so even though I know intellectually that there’s no issue as long as you do it right and use the right yarn, I still have a little worry when I see knitting and scissors in the same picture. 😉

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  1. Oh my gosh! This makes me so nervous. I have never done steeking, and not sure that I ever could, but I have seen your sweater after the steeking and it looks so beautiful. You are so brave and applaud anyone that can cut their knitting 😉

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