Sunday Sunday 🎵 Bah-da Bah-da-da-da 🎶 a YOP Update


I’ve made progress this week on Powdermill. I’m enjoying this knit. Nothing like straightforward, repetitive colorwork to keep you going. (I’m giving Arrowhead side-eye.) Also, this yarn is scrumptious. I’m glad I have a stash full of it!

I’m also up to 12 inches on the body of the purple Lodge Sweater. It’s my mindless knitting. However, spring is coming, and I’m starting to shift my focus to sewing.


Ottobre Casual Cotton Pants

This week I finished sewing my Ottobre casual cotton pants. I can’t wait to wear them. It’s still too cold for this cotton twill, which is a medium weight. I’m planning to sew another pair in navy stretch twill, and then Simplicity s9376 in black brushed cotton twill.

The new Ottobre has a lovely summer top pattern, and it only takes 1.5 yards for my size. I have some cotton prints in mind for this from stash. The polka dot was a gift from BonnyKnits, and the batiks are fair trade from Global Mamas in Ghana.

I continue to alter my sewing plan (see what I did there?) as I assess my wardrobe needs.


I finished spinning my Pumpkins for Sale BFL fiber. This was my first time chain plying, and I enjoyed it. My spinning is getting more even, but I still have a long way to go.

It looks good with the yarn I spun from the same fiber, and dyed orange. (I was exhausting a dye bath.) These plus one more color will knit up a nice Shift cowl in the fall. I have more BFL fiber in stash to spin. What color should I dye it to go with these? Maybe russet, or olive green? I’d like the cowl to be made completely from hand spun. Let me know your opinions on the color in the comments.

DIY Hair Care

I thought I was on the right track with my homemade hair care products. But after a few weeks, my hair started feeling like straw. I’m back to purchasing products. Maybe if I get a good crop of soapwort this year, I can try again with that.


It’s still too cold to start seeds or plant peas. I hope it warms up soon!

This has been a Year of Projects update. You can read my updated project list at this link. You can find out more about the group on Ravelry.

22 thoughts on “Sunday Sunday 🎵 Bah-da Bah-da-da-da 🎶 a YOP Update

  1. You are really killing me with your fall colors yarn. Sooo beautiful. I had to work VERY hard at the yarn store yesterday not to buy once again a fall color yarn. The cashmere I bought it still pretty fall colored but is supposed to be fire – still a fall theme I think. Love your new colorwork sweater. Great colors.

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  2. That is chain plyed? Teach me your ways! I can’t chain ply to save my life. I think an olive green would go great with those colors for a shift. I want to make an entirely handspun shift too. I love your powdermill. Those colors are so cheery.


  3. What a great week! The spinning looks great and chain plying that yarn was definitely the right choice as it could have looked muddy plied normally, but you have lovely crisp colour sections. I’d perhaps opt for a darker green than even olive, but olive would look good too.

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  4. I’m gonna vote for either a sugar maple red or a bright gold for the third color. I feel like the olive green might get lost in the greeny-browns in the multicolored skein if they are next to each other. Great progress on your new sweater too!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I am always a fan of green, but I think the autumn vibes might get lost with too much green. Maybe a nice rust red would work? Regardless, I love the way your chain-plied skein turned out. That’s a favorite technique of mine, even though I haven’t always figured out what to knit with the resulting yarn.

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  6. All your projects are gorgeous, as always! Your pants are great, and also that top looks like it would really fit your style well. Love your new yarn – the spinning is beautiful! And you are really cruising on your Powdermill!

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