Well, Hi!

For the last three weeks I’ve been applying for jobs, getting called back for second interviews, received a call from HR to presumably be offered one of them, and then my current employer offered me more work (and more income) so I would stay. And stay I did. It’s a remote position that pays well, is exceedingly flexible, and working for the nicest man in the world. Never underestimate the influence a kind and caring boss will have on your life. This week I’ve been training on my new responsibilities and my brain hurts. Not much crafting going on.


I’ve been knitting sporadically on Freya’s purple Lodge Sweater. I also cast on a blue beanie. The blue beanie is my reset knit, when I feel overwhelmed by life and don’t want to knit anything. I frogged my Who Ya Gonna Shawl. I wasn’t enjoying it. I think colorful, complicated shawls are stunning, but not my kind of knit. I was once described by a friend as an “Over the Pond” knitter. I guess that means I like classics and basics. Technically, I know it means UK, but I’m trying to put it into a style context. However, I like trying new things, so I don’t regret giving it a shot.


I’m so sad my casual cotton pants are too big. I love the fabric, and did a beautiful job sewing them. I need to rethink my sizing before cutting anymore cloth. I did just take my measurements, but the weight is coming off faster than I expected. It’s probably not a good time to be making things for myself.


I’ve been gardening mostly. It’s that time of year, and takes more brawn than brain.

Tudors Art and Majesty

I had a lovely day trip to The Cleveland Museum of Art with Bob to see The Tudors: Art and Majesty in Renaissance England. Other than the Hans Holbein sketch of Anne Boleyn, this small, mixed-media fiber work of Elizabeth I was my favorite piece in the exhibit. There were lots of textiles, though. Tapestries, especially. They were so grand, it was hard for me to take them in.

As you may have noticed, I’m experimenting with the title of my site. I feel I’ve outgrown Headknits. I tried Okie in Ohio, which I’m using on Instagram. But I also like Snakes & Cranes, because these are animals I’m fascinated by, and I like them as symbols. Other than that, it’s fairly meaningless, but rolls off the tongue and is memorable. (Although there is a martial arts film I clearly need to see.) (Also, it is meaningful — balance — but only in hindsight.)

Any votes for your favorite site title?

And I’ve switched to the Jetpack app, but only because they made me.

Today is our “date-iversary,” a celebration of our first date when Bob and I went out for mango sorbet. It was awkward and now we’re married. Bob agrees this statement is accurate.

20 thoughts on “Well, Hi!

  1. That’s great news about the job. The exhibition sounds really interesting. Have you read Clare Hunter’s book ‘Embroidering her Truth’ about Mary Queen of Scots and her use of textiles as an expression of power? It’s on my ever growing pile of books to be read.

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    1. That sounds like a good book! I tried to read Threads of Life, and I read the chapter on Mary Queen of Scots. I would like to read more. Then I was overwhelmed by the number of library books I had checked out, and took them all back in a tizzy because I knew I would never read them all in time.


  2. Well hi, Alissa. I guess congrats are due on your new position. I totally agree that working for a kind and caring boss is better than higher compensation, (assuming that your compensation is comparable to market rates.) I like Snakes and Cranes. Personally, I have a fascination with sandhill cranes and agree that cranes are frequently symbolic. i have a healthy respect for snakes and am able to co-exist with them peacefully.

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  3. It’s a good job you kept your logo of you in your Arrowhead cardigan as I thought why the heck am I getting a wildlife blogger in my feed! So for me I think the title is too misleading for attracting the audience you may want…but could just be me.

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  4. I don’t care what you call your site – but please settle on something! I went past this post twice doing triage on e-mail, because I didn’t recognize it! And your posts are well worth reading; I don’t want to miss out.
    Love when a boss recognizes your value enough to make it worth your while to stay.

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    1. Congrats on finding a lovely boss who clearly appreciates you! I know all too well what a horrible boss can do to your mental and physical health, so hang on to that one.
      Snakes and cranes is quite a catchy title, and if you like it then it’s perfect 🙂

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  5. So important to have a good boss. Great ones are hard to find; bad ones suck the life out of you. Lots going on at your end – I’d say knit whatever your brain/energy/time can handle that makes you happy right now. FWIW, I like Snakes and Cranes

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  6. Glad you got to stay at your job!
    Your garden looks so nice. And I was wondering about the name, I thought I had forgotten what your site was called 😂 I do like the new name though.

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  7. Hi Alissa, good to meet you! Congratulations on the job. It’s still a change but at least you have some familiarities too as it is the same company. I get how you came up with your site title although I must admit, it did not give any impression that your blog is about knitting. I’m a knitter too, and I was looking for a knitting community. I’m glad I came across your blog!

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  8. Glad you’re enjoying your knits, Alissa! Also glad you’re staying at the job that you like. Hope the wait is worth it for your sewing, and I’m looking forward to your gardening updates.

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