April Year of Projects


I’m nearing the shoulder seams on Freya’s purple Lodge sweater. This is pretty much the only thing I’ve been knitting on. I need to start Bob’s Knitter’s Dude soon, so I can work on it over the summer. It’s cotton and acrylic yarn, so should be nice to work on in warmer weather, and it will hopefully be done in time for his birthday in September.


Sometimes I leave notes for myself.

I’ve cut out a second pair of Casual Cotton pants in navy stretch cotton twill. I omitted the seam allowances. I’m hoping to get some sewing time on them today. Will they fit? Who knows? I’m wearing my gray ones today even though they are too big. They are super comfy. I was hoping to be able to sew some shorts with the remnants, but I don’t have enough fabric for that.


My seedlings are looking good, though a few have given up the ghost. I’ve enjoyed mustard, kale, and daikon radish greens as I thin them out. The peas are up!

The Chinese Celery Cabbage (like Napa Cabbage) does not like the hot sun. I suspect the growing season will be short for them. I may try to plant them in the shade of the cucumbers to extend their time in the garden, but I’ve already planted lettuce there, so we’ll see.

I saw cabbage moths today, but I’m way ahead of them. I covered the greens with netting last week. Foiled!

I’ve been spending a lot of time clearing the woods in front of our house of invasive honeysuckle and black walnut saplings. The apple trees are blooming!


This month I read The Orkney Scroll by Lyn Hamilton. I decided I needed to read a cozy located in Orkney. This book fit the bill. It was fine. I was glad when it was over. There were some redundancies. It was as if her editor told her she should write a chapter at the end explaining everything that had happened.

Here is the song I’m currently listening to on repeat:

This has been a Year of Projects update. You can read my updated project list at this link. You can find out more about the group on Ravelry.

8 thoughts on “April Year of Projects

  1. Your sweater is moving along well. Really like the color too. Knitter’s Dude will be fun to watch progress. Love the fact you leave notes for yourself. I do the same thing.

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  2. Beautiful picture of your apple blossoms. I am SO thrilled that our cherry trees are blossoming. I thought the roller coaster of hot and cold weather had killed the blossoms. Fingers crossed for a harvest this year. I’m all out of sour cherry jam. I’m still amazed at your sewing. I just have no skill so my sewing is limited to project bags for me. I don’t care if I sew the seams wrong on the inside of the bag. 😉

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  3. Loving the lodge sweater! I really need to find a pants pattern to make. I will miss gardening although I will plant a few things but it gets so hot here I can’t stand to be out there and watering twice a day. I can’t eat a lot of it either but I will be planting more flowers. Congrats on your garden. I will live vicariously through yours.

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